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The current price of the stock

  1. The CFO of Brady Corp. announces that the firm plans to grow its annual dividend at a rate of 3% forever. The company just paid its annual dividend (Do) of $2.00 per share. If the required rate of return on Brady’s stock is 10%, what should the current price of the stock be?

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2.3 Limitations to data gathering One of the serious issues I confronted was having the option to secure applicable data. With the web being one of my significant wellsprings of data, there was the gamble of a portion of this data being incorrect. Getting explicit data relating to Fresnillo was testing. It was unrealistic to get fiscal reports in succeed design in this way I needed to separate them from the yearly explanations which were in pdf designs, which then required further changes, making it more vulnerable to blunders. Another significant restriction was that I couldn't get sufficiently close to specific business diary information bases which required premium memberships like Financial Times, and BNamericas. 2.4 Ethical Issues I have attempted to regard the standards of exploration morals, over all which is the propensity of simply duplicating another person's work to pass of as mine counterfeiting. I needed to consequently teach myself and direct my own exploration and any place I utilized crafted by another person, I ensured this was appropriately referred to. I needed to stay objective while playing out my examination to guarantee that the consequences of the organizations were introduced with practically no predisposition. 2.5 Accounting and Business Techniques In the report, I utilized the SWOT and PEST models to examine the effect of the business climate (large scale climate) on the business and monetary execution of Fresnillo Plc. The most piece of the monetary presentation was anyway done utilizing proportion examination, in which case a benchmark, Tahoe Resources Inc. was utilized. 2.5.1 SWOT Analysis SWOT is a viable device in surveying procedure, position and course of an organization or business recommendation, by breaking down their Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (Businessballs, n.d.). SWOT examination empowers associations to foster a familiarity with the variables that might influence key preparation and navigation by breaking

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