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The effect of extremely low birth weight babies on the family and community

Describe the effect of extremely low birth weight babies on the family and community. Consider short-term and long-term impacts, socioeconomic implications, the need for ongoing care, and comorbidities associated with prematurity. Explain how disparities relative to ethnic and cultural groups may contribute to low birth weight babies. Identify one support service within your community to assist with preterm infants and their families and explain how the service adequately addresses the needs of the community, or a population in your community. Provide the link to the resource in your post.

Consider the following patient scenario:

A mother comes in with 9-month-old girl. The infant is 68.5cm in length (25th percentile per CDC growth chart), weighs 6.75kg (5th percentile per CDC growth chart), and has a head circumference of 43cm (25th percentile per CDC growth chart).

Describe the developmental markers a nurse should assess for a 9-month-old female infant. Discuss the recommendations you would give the mother. Explain why these recommendations are based on evidence-based practice.

Sample Solution

eadership can be interpreted in several ways, as every organization will encounter with certain types of leadership. Leadership keeps an organization functioning properly and can courage the employees to keep up hard work. Leadership can be seen as a complex process as well, a process that eventually leads to better organizational learning and an improved organizational performance. The results that flow out of leadership, such as the performance, can be deeply analyzed and might even be bettered when the right leadership style for the concerned organization is discovered. This is the reason that in this paper, further research on leadership styles and its influences will be introduced. A research proposal on this research topic will be initiated. The literature review about leadership and organizational learning culture, written by Xie (2018), will be a guideline to set up a new research on leadership theories. As follows from this literature review, multiple fields in this topic might need further research. Several leadership styles are proposed in the review, such as transformational, transactional or servant leadership. There is no widely research done yet on the effect of different leadership styles. As the review stated, more diverse environments still need to be studied. Because several leadership styles exist, it is necessary to look at all those styles and their influences on both the learning culture as the performance of an organization. Both of them can be influenced by the different styles. (hypotheses) That is the reason why studies on organizational performance will also be consulted, since theories about performance will be needed to guide this study. The reason why not only organizational learning culture, but also the organizational performance will be taken into consideration is because organizational learning aspects mostly result into certain outcomes in organizational performance. It is crucial because the effects of leadership spread more than only on learning culture, so factors such as organizational performance will almost always be affected. Everything that develops or happens within the organization can be an outcome of previous leadership actions. Next to that, organizational performance can also s

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