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The Fourth Amendment and violations its remedied

Studying the Fourth Amendment and how violations of the Fourth Amendment are remedied. Focus your discussion on the following:

  1. Review the following scenarios. Scenario 1: Sally is suspected of selling drugs, and police officers decide to retrieve a trash bag that Sally has left on the roadside curb. The officers discovered drug paraphernalia and heroin and charged Sally with possession of heroin.
    Scenario 2: Billy suspects that Katie is having an affair. He hires a private security firm to track her movements. Employees of the security firm enter Katie’s open garage and search the contents of her car while she is inside sleeping. They take a notepad that contains intimate photos of Katie and her new boyfriend.
    Scenario 3: Marcus was spending the night at a friend’s rented house. His friend Grant left the house to pick up some pizza. While Grant was out, the police knocked on the door and stated that they had permission from the landlord to search the premises. They did not have a search warrant. Marcus said that was fine with him and invited the officers inside. The officers found cocaine in an upstairs drawer and arrested Grant when he returned with the pizza, charging him with possession of cocaine.
    Answer the following questions for each scenario:
    o Has a Fourth Amendment violation occurred in the scenario? o If so, what remedies could the accused have? 2. Locate a case from your state in which a court has analyzed an illegal seizure of evidence that violated the Fourth Amendment.
    o In your own words, provide a summary of the case, as well as its citation. o Do you agree with the outcome of this case? Why or why not?

Sample Solution

afterward continued to name the Visayan Islands of the Philippines, Las Islas de Los Pintados, or The Islands of the Painted Ones. Individuals of the Visayan Islands were known tattoo their whole bodies, from head to toe. As well as inking, different structures and customs of workmanship like attire and article of clothing, beautifying earthenware with delightful examples frequently looking like the ones in the inking, oral execution customs, dance, and music existed inside Filipino-Austronesian culture. Austronesian music in the maritime island countries of Southeast Asia have a combination of Chinese, Indian, and Arabic melodic sonics that are melded with the native styling of Austronesian music and culture. For instance, a melodic style common inside the Arabic Southeast Asian topographies is known as gamelan. With its Islamic roots, gamelan was a kind of ensemble that integrates Xylophone-like and Allophone components. This music style was, regardless is, rehearsed inside Filipino music. All through the southern islands of the Philippines, there are additionally more instruments that characteristic their foundations to Austronesian music culture. These instruments are named Kulitan, and a gong-ring named gangsa or gansa. While hearing and watching the gansa being played, you might see the performer squeezing the closures of the metal bars that utter the sounds. The explanation for why the instrumentalist squeezes the finishes of the bars is on the grounds that the tone of a bar being struck resonates and when various notes are played simultaneously, the sounds become obscured together. To stay away from these legato and conflicting resonances, the instrumentalist strikes a bar, then quiets that equivalent bar by squeezing it, prior to striking one more bar to play another note. The Austronesians that would have gotten comfortable pre-pilgrim Philippines would have been what Spanish conquerors would have later named, the Negritos, meaning minimal individuals of color. Raymundo C. Bañas explains the ethnic personality of the early native Filipino book in his principal text, Pilipino Music and Theater. Bañas composes that they were the earliest occupants of Luzon, Mindanao, Palawan, Panay, Negros, and a few different islands. The Negritos are considered among individuals whom other later Filipino progenitors found when they moved to the archipelago. Bañas says the main entertainment of the Negritos were music and moving. Bañas additionally assists that the Negritos were known to utilize the five-tone, or pentatonic scale in their music. He likewise encourages that antiquated Filipinos additionally rehearsed the, du-nu-ra (conventional love melodies), tal-bun (bubbly festival tunes with ad libbed words to suit the event), and the dance exhibitions of the piña camote and the piña dad ni-lan which portray exhibitions of people cultivating and interfacing with nature. Bañas classifies the Negritos into various subgroupings. He recognizes the Igorots, the Apayaos, the Ifugaos, and the Ilongot. He references Ilongot instruments and even expounds on the previously mentioned gansa, considering it a "tom" and saying that it was "made of bronze and looks like a roundabout dish around twelve or thirteen creeps in width, with a boundary of around two crawls to the face. Swung from a string, it is beaten with a stick while the artist walks and it is stifled with the open hand at an end." The melodic acts of the pre-pioneer, non-Christian Philippine ethnic gatherings shows, in obvious excellence, the miracle and abundance of antiquated Pilipino people tunes and moves before contact with the Western world. However, the immaculateness of these society customs has been compromised as a piece of Filipino colonization. These local and agnostic Austronesian practices have become varieties of their actual structures separated through a hint of Spanish and American melodic societies and customs. With Spain conferring Catholicism unto Filipino individuals after vanquishing them, Filipino melodic execution went from more Afro-driven roots, ethnic, and non-western to more Euro-driven traditional and symphonic. The Spanish likewise acquainted with the Filipinos the organ, the drums, the piano, the guitar, and numerous different instruments This normal conceived basic liberty supposedly is a "essential for the acknowledgment of other common freedoms" and has been consolidated in different other worldwide deals. This fundamental right to drinkable water and sterilization is recognized as a feature of different other broadly perceived global basic liberties and is a fundamental component to execute them. Moreover, it has been explicitly connected that the option to clean drinking water is an indespansable component for the acknowledgment of the right to life and the reality stays that a lack in the stockpile and "admittance to drinking water and disinfection imperils the existences of millions of people". The Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) makes it a prerequisite for all countries to go to relevant lengths for the shielding of every one of females' freedoms in guaranteeing the happiness regarding "satisfactory day to day environments, especially corresponding to lodging, disinfection, power and water supply." Water and sterilization offices are essential components that are straightforwardly connected with the basic liberty to water. As Mr. El Hadji Guissé plainly specifies in his notes, " the righ toddler water and disinfection are reliant. The option to water, especially the part of water quality, relies upon sufficient disinfection for all. On the other hand, to guarantee cleanliness and satisfactory norm of sterilization, every individual ought to approach basically a modest quantity of water consistently."

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