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The history of the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR)

Examine the history of the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) and analyze some of the events that contributed to the current structure. Determine the types of national events that have improved the FAR. Then, provide one recommendation to further improve the FAR that benefits the collective business community.

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major objections raised to his argument labeled the Systems Reply, Robot Reply, and Brain Simulator Reply. After addressing and carefully discussing these, I will discuss Searle’s replies to these objections and state whether or not I find his objections to be satisfactory. To finish my paper, I will be offering my personal views on why I don’t find the Chinese room to be a compelling reason to give up the idea that cognition is best understood as a type of computation. In his paper “Minds, Brains and Programs,” Searle discusses the two extremes of artificial intelligence: strong AI and weak AI, and chooses to target the former claiming that computers can or eventually will have cognitive abilities. Searle invokes the Chinese room thought experiment to challenge the definition of strong AI to ultimately conclude that brains cause minds and syntax is not equivalent to semantics. He asks readers to imagine an English-speaking individual unequipped with Chinese literacy being locked in a room. In this room there are three batches of Chinese writing, script and symbols with English instructions, respectively, and a set of rules in English that correlate the first two batches to generate the third. If a Chinese speaker passes notes with Chinese characters under the door for the English-speaker to respond to, they will be able to respond with the resources provided in the room. These responses are indistinguishable from that of a native Chinese speaker. This scenario is analogous to how a computer performs its programmed functions. With the use of this experiment, Searle aimed to prove that although a computer may be able to be able to imitate a human well enough to pass the Turing Test, this doesn’t mean the computer is intelligent. Searle dismisses this case under the grounds that this person is merely following instructions and not understanding the language.

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