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The impact that artificial intelligence

To understand the impact that artificial intelligence will have on market research in the hospitality sector in mauritius.

  1. What effect does AI have on the efficacy of market research compared to traditional market research in the hospitality sector? 2. How have AI personalisation ​‌‍‍‍‌‍‍‌‍‌‌‍‍‍‌‍‌‌‌‍​and customer engagement affected patterns of online hotel bookings? Hypotheses 1. AI brings more effectiveness, accuracy and fluency in market research compared to traditional market research. 2. Customer personalisation and engagement through AI brings more

Sample Solution

n the best-case scenario, every employee should be able to have the chance to talk about change and provide feedback on it. This should depend on how big the change is and how many people it will impact. In a companywide change effort, the employee input will likely affect how change is implemented, not whether or not to make the changes. In some cases, leadership teams are established. These teams will contain a range of employees across the organisation. Or they are all staffed by managers and senior leaders of the business. If communication is a strength in your organisation, the input opportunities will reach out to everyone in the organisation. But most of the time this often isn’t the case as input and feedback will mainly come from the senior managers and leaders in the business. P4: Explain different barriers for change and determine how they influence leadership decision making given organisational context One barrier that organisations face when coming to change is that they normally fear the unfamiliar. If you are standing still, you are going backward. This is definitely the case for businesses that cannot embrace change and the positive outcomes from it. However, those who can overcome this fear of unfamiliar things are able to successfully implement new strategies and practises for their business. For example, in 2008 The Spanish banking giant Santander had entered the British market through its owner Abbey National, Bradford and Bingley, and Alliance and Leicester. Some considered this as being a difficult challenge for them to implement their working practises into their business, but they managed to get through this and now have become one of the UK’s largest retail banks. Ineffective leadership can also be a barrier for change as well. If employees cannot embrace new changes in their workplace, the implementation will be a failure. A large amount of business CEO’s that attempt to bring in new working practises say that this is what they worry about often. Many employees, mainly ones that have worked at an organisation for a long time normally worry that change being implemented will cause them to find it hard to work and may even lose their job. The third barrier is having a broken communication between the managers and the employees of the organisation. Everyone should be involved in the change to ensure a successful outcome. Also, at this stage clear and decisive communication is crucial.

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