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The influence of the Consensus Model for APRN

Discuss the influence of the Consensus Model for APRN: LACE. Why is it important? Support your discussions with at least two current scholarly articles (less than 5 years). Consensus Model Retrieved September 2018 from Consensus Model for APRN Regulation.

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deprived socioeconomic conditions and high crime neighbourhoods, are at increased risk of both victimisation and offending (Hooper, 2003). High levels of trauma and abuse are prevalent in many of the women’s lives who encounter the criminal justice system. It is argued that female prisoners experience a higher manner of discrimination than men when prison officers perform strip-searches, often causing re-traumatisation and feelings of helplessness. Corston (2007) reported that the women in her research described strip-searching as making them feel ‘embarrassed, invaded, degraded, uncomfortable, vulnerable, humiliated, ashamed, violated and dirty’ (Corston, 2007: 31). However, in ‘The Corston Report: Ten years on’ (2017), routine strip-searches were replaced with scanners known as ‘Body Orifice Security Scanners’ which can detect mobile phones, drugs, weapons and other metal items in a non-intrusive manner (WIP, 2017). Strip searches are used as a last resort in the UK, however they still remain common practice in other countries around the world. Mental health is a prominent issue that has prevalent in both men and women’s experiences of incarceration. This dissertation has explored mental health as it is a detrimental and worsening outcome for the majority of women who experience incarceration, and therefore this dissertation argues it is one of the many reasons why women in the criminal justice system face injustices in their lives and sentencing. Motherhood and relationships Plugge et al (2006) argue that the most significant factor in terms of detriment to mental health for female prisoners is the separation from family, especially children. In the UK, the average woman in prison is 66 miles away from their home, compared to 50 miles for men (WIP, 2017). Furthermore, in Eastwood Park prison, where many Welsh women are sent, 20% of women are over 150 miles from home (PRT, 2015). Thus, making contact difficult, especially with mothers who are dependent on statutory care agencies to bring their children to visits. For some women, however, going to prison provided an opportunity to cut off contact with abusive family members or partners (Crewe, 2017) as 57% of women in prison have reported being victims of domestic violence as adults (Williams, 2017). However, it is argued this is likely to be an underestimate as Women in Prison report that around 79% of the women who u

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