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The influence of the Consensus Model for APRN

Discuss the influence of the Consensus Model for APRN: LACE. Why is it important? Support your discussions with at least two current scholarly articles (less than 5 years). Consensus Model Retrieved September 2018 from Consensus Model for APRN Regulation.

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hemistry can completely change between alters, which is completely inaccurate. An alter may believe they have supernatural powers due to a multitude of mental health issues, but saying that switching alters can cause a growth of six inches plus having near impenetrable skin is completely exaggerated for the movie to be more entertaining. What is very worrying is about how those actually suffering from DID and other similar disorders in movies, would react to seeing these. In my opinion, a large problem those in the psychology community face would be people feeling afraid and ashamed to address the mental health issues they may very possibly have. If insurance companies can cover people for mental health like they did for physical health, I truly believe there would be more improvements toward curing and curbing severe problems faced around the world. However, Split did have a few points that are not unfounded. For instance, those suffering from DID are at a risk of attempted suicide of about 70%, which we see in the movie as Kevin tries to get himself killed. Kevin clearly suffers from dissociative amnesia as he was unaware of everything happening around him for over 2 years. This is a diagnostics feature in the DSM-5 due the fact that in the cases of DID those patients have common symptoms. In conclusion, there are many inaccuracies in the movie, but I understand that they are not completely at fault for trying to had the supernatural aspect. However, there are a few things I would absolutely change given the chance. The biggest change I would make would be the name of the powerful 24th personality. Throughout the movie main characters refer to this particular alter as “The Beast” which absolutely dehumanizes Kevin. The audience would unconsciously link DID to inhumanity, when these are patients who suffer on a daily basis. Minus the unexpected supernatural way it ended, this portrayal of DID was neither completely accurate nor completely inaccurate. The largest accuracy in my opinion was the distress and suicidal attempt Kevin showed of finding that he was not in control of his body for over 2 years. This also showed a very real struggle those suffering form DID have and are constantly at risk for.

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