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The Legislative branch

Currently the Legislative branch is trying to expand the Supreme Court by adding 4 new seats to the Court to make 13 justices instead of 9 justices. The Constitution does not outline specifically how many justices must be appointed. Some argue this is going to “pack the court” with liberal justices. Others argue is it going to create a balance from the current conservative tipped bench presently in place.

Answer the following questions:

1) What are the pros and cons to expanding the Supreme Court?

2) Do you think this is merely a political move or a necessary move?

3) What are your thoughts on this issue?

4) Do you think the framers intended the Supreme Court to be expanded and or packed on one side or the other?

Sample Solution

he supposedly supra-human has been forced to discover his own humanity. He is unable to transcend the physical reality of his body with his ‘divine part’, no matter how much he may try. Rather than the interior rising from within to immortalise without, we have ended up with an early modern tragedy, with its ‘emphasis on a ‘carnal, bloody and unnatural’ forcing open of the ‘artificially’ classicised body exteriors. And, as BLANK tells us, ‘it is not that such intrusion suddenly grants access to the interior, rather the interior is thereby stripped of the essence of its interiority. It is re-made as exterior’. Bussy’s innards are spilt, they are externalised, objectified for the spectator’s view. And the spectator sees nothing but blood. Brought into the bounds of external reality, Bussy’s ‘interior’ contains nothing essential at all. Thus many critics have responded to Bussy as being simply self-deceived, such that the true tragedy ‘lies not in his mal-adaption to the society defined by the French court nor in the gradual corruption of his character, but in Bussy’s mistaken perception of himself.’ I do not believe, however, that this is a fair summary of the play. Bussy is troubling, baffling even, but he is hardly simply delusional. If this were the case, the play might even verge on comedy; as a character of self-inflated bombast it might be difficult to feel anything for his demise, or any feeling we did have would be, as BLANK explains above, a kind of condescension, a knowing pity. But there is something genuinely tragic in his death. There is the presence of an imaginatively-created, suffering individual consciousness to which we can connect with human sympathy when, in his final words, Bussy laments the: […] frail condition of strength, valour, virtue, In me, (like warning fire upon the top Of some steep beacon, on a steeper hill) Made to express it: like a falling star

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