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The Literacy Lesson

Watch the Literacy Lesson First Grade video.- I have also attached the transcript from the video

2) Describe 3 different strategies the teacher used to facilitate student learning. Explain why each strategy was effective or ineffective.

3) If you were teaching this lesson what would you do differently?

4) Identify a scripture that aligns with the teaching strategies used in this lesson or your suggestions for improving the lesson. Explain why this scripture is relevant to your review of the lesson. Write at least 100 words to describe and explain the effectiveness of each strategy

Sample Solution

In other side, studies in the eighties, developed primarily in U.S. companies, did not establish with certainty the relationship between information and communication technology, and business performance of organizations (Loveman, 1994; Brynjolfsson & Yang, 1997). The effects of information and communication technology in the SMEs performance, also generated much debate in the literature among researchers, academics and practitioners in the field of management science and computing, as currently there are few studies published in which it has not been demonstrated very clearly the effects of information and communication technology and firm performance (Kossai & Piget, 2012). 2.5 Underpinning Theory 2.5.1 Resource – Based View (RBV) Having ICT- savvy can be beneficial for business with adequate preparation prior to its implementation. They gain competitive advantage through online portal and others ICT applications and technologies. ICT utilization by ICT -savvy can be the resourceful medium or platform for Kolej Yayasan Pahang to gain competitive advantage. This situation can be supported by the theory of Resource- Based View (RBV). RBV stipulates that the fundamental sources and drivers of competitive advantage and superior performance are chiefly associated with the attributes of resources and capabilities, which are valuable and costly-to-copy (Barney, 1991). Resource- Based View is a more recent theory that is widely embraced by many references such as Bharadwaj (2000), Wade and Hulland (2004), Kim et al. (2006), Rai et al. (2006), Wu et al. (2006), Ordanini and Rubera (2010); Lee, Koo and Nam (2010); Fahy and Hooley (2011); Rashidirad, Syed and Soltani (2012). RBV operates under the assumptions that the resources needed to conceive, chose, and implement strategies are heterogeneously distributed across firms whose differences remain stable over time (Barney, 1991). Resources can be broadl

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