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The next-generation digital supply chain

Briefly summarize what do you understand by industry 4.0 and Supply chain requirements for SCM 4.0.
What does industry 4.0 mean to supply chain. What we have achieved and what are the future requirements.
Find out how Supply Chain 4.0 will make your organization faster, more flexible, more accurate, and more efficient.
Discuss, How Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has placed Supply chain and Logistics in Vision 2030?

Sample Solution

ecomes more concerned for the wellbeing of Flora and Miles since she doesn’t want Quint to negatively influence them, thus revealing her protective and righteous personality. Theme and other abstract ideas What are the major themes of the work? Provide a short phrase for each theme. Corruption of innocence: The corruption of the children’s innocence was strongly influenced by the Governess and the ghosts. Their innocence was taken away through the course of events of the story as we get to know more about the children, and how they think. Appearance reflects personality: The governess’s youth reflects on how she performs her job, and how she thinks and takes care of the children. She does immature actions like hiding the headmaster’s letter, and taking on a job with little contact with her employer. Being a hero is harder than it looks: Many times in this book the governess’s try to be a hero because that’s what she thinks is best for the children. How is each theme portrayed in the book? Corruption of innocence: In The Turn of the Screw, the theme of corruption of innocence strongly fuels the governess’ fear regarding the ghosts and the children. She wants the apparitions of Peter Quint and Miss Jessel to leave because she doesn’t want them to negatively influence Flora and Miles with immoral thoughts or behaviors. The governess focuses almost entirely on the corruption of the children and whether they were corrupted by Quint and Jessel (when they were alive), and whether they continue to be corrupted by ghosts. Even before the governess knew about Quint, she accuses Miles of corrupting other children. The governess doesn’t exactly tell us if she thinks the ghosts will physically harm or the children. But after Miles sudden death, they saw the ghosts as a real threat. For the governess, the children’s exposure to knowledge of sex (other types of information that children shouldn’t know) is a far more terrifying than the thought of ghosts haunting her or being killed by them. In her attempt to save the children, she began to find out what kind of information they knew to make them confess, rather than to predict and hope for the best for what might happen to them in the future. Her fear of innocence being corrupted seems to be a big part of the reason she was hesitant for the majority of the book. In the end, the governess’s fears are destructive and do not result in her saving the children.

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