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The Origin and Impact of Globalization Presentation

Use the global EDGE website provided in the Topic resources, navigate to the Global Insights tab, and select By Country to find information about your

  1. Identify two significant Multilateral World Organizations in which each country participates and describe the effect on each of the three countries.
  2. Identify the significant free trade agreements and trade blocs of each country.
    This is my part of a slide presentation In BUS-390 @ GCU. THE THREE COUNTRIES ARE: India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh

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1970) was viewed as the second upsurge of women's liberation in America. It was all through that period that a significant number of the standard freedoms that ladies appreciate today were sanctioned. After its foundation, the insurgency figured out how to accomplish two significant achievements that set the rhythm. Its most memorable significant achievement was having the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) support the oral preventative, which had generally fizzled. Its second significant accomplishment was the passing and underwriting of the Equal Pay Act, which perceived comparable compensation for the two genders working at a similar work level. This feeling of freedom was reflected in ladies' clothing that turned out to be free and taken on additional manly styles. Subsequently, ladies' principles of clothing were influenced by the development's push for orientation balance. Everything considered, this permitted ladies to acquire opportunity that prompted advanced education and business rates. The ladies' freedom development in the sixties and seventies assisted with changing the guidelines of ladies' clothing through making advanced education and business rates, which prompted the need of more functional apparel The second rush of the women's activist development started in the mid 1960s, when ladies were as yet expected to get hitched early on and begin families. They were not permitted to claim legitimately or approach their better half's profit as demonstrated in the head and expert regulations administering them. After marriage, they became homemakers and were supposed to work for a normal of around 55 hours every week. It was much harder for wedded ladies to get a separation in instances of disintegrating relationships, as the "no shortcoming" separate was not thought of, and they were thusly compelled to demonstrate that the issue was their spouses' to be considered for a separation. For the modest number of ladies working during that period, comprising of around 38%, their jobs were restricted to those of secretaries, instructors, and attendants. Their numbers were significantly more modest in proficient professions, where they contained six percent of all specialists in the country, 3% of attorneys and

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