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The policy initiative (workplace violence) implemented by nurse leaders

Describe the policy initiative (workplace violence) implemented by nurse leaders from a national professional nursing association. Describe the processes used by the organization in formulating and implementing a

policy agenda and the current outcomes of the (workplace violence) initiative.

Suggested organizations include (but are not limited to):

American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) American Nurses’ Association (A.N.A.)
American Association of Nurse Practitioners (A.A.N.P.)
American Association for Nursing Leadership (AONL), effective May 2019 (formerly AONE)
The American Association for Men in Nursing (AAMN)

Sample Solution

anisation). It is especially impacting those with disabilities and mental health problems. From April 2018, up until September, Trussell Trust provided 3-day emergency food supplies to 658,048 individuals who found themselves in a crisis. This is a thirteen percent increase from the year before (The Trussell Trust, 2019). Due to benefits not being able to help people cover basic costs, there has be a significant increase in the usage of food banks within the United Kingdom. One of the biggest reasons for referrals to food banks is because of individuals having low incomes. It is clear from analysing trends over the years, that there has be a major increase in the usage of food banks from April 2016. It is also important to take into account that being in debt has played a vital role in the rise of people using food banks, as well as the cost of living, such as utility bills and housing, increasing since April 2016. As well as benefit delays also playing a huge role in the increase of referrals to food banks. In other words, the ‘reduction in benefit value’ is significantly impacting people’s lives in a negative way; it is making it harder for people to survive off basic living needs, meaning more people are having to rely on food banks. The rollout of universal credit is also contributing to the large numbers of people having no choice but to turn to food banks. Universal credit has been put in place in the United Kingdom as a part of a social security payment scheme. This will affect the lives of those who are dependent on benefits; it will replace jobseeker’s allowance, housing benefits and so on. Approximately a fifty-two percent increase of food bank usage is due to the full rollout happening (Bulman, 2018). There is a significant amount of disabled people and those with mental health problems who are having to rely on food banks, this may be due to the fact their illness is seen as invisible and therefore not enough support is being provided for them. For example, benefit delays may impact them being able to actually afford to live or they may not even be getting the benefits they need and should be entitled to. Half of households that have referrals will include a person with a disability, and a third of households who have been refereed will include an individual suffering with a mental health condition (Morley, 2017). Overall, this suggests the government is not providing enough or the right amount of social protection for those suffering with a disability or mental illness.

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