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The possibilities of taking over the workplace and running it as a WSDE

Management just announced they are shutting down the company you are working for. You sit down with a group of coworkers to discuss the situation. Eventually you agree to try taking over the company and running it as a WSDE. You agree to present this proposal to all the workers in the company. In order to do so, you prepare a slideshow presentation that addresses the following issues:

What is is WSDE

What are the possibilities of taking over the workplace and running it as a WSDE

What are the challenges of taking over the workplace and running it as a WSDE

Your presentation should include speaking notes for each slide.

Information will be found on the document attached and the book Democracy at work a cure for capitalism. I will give you the screen shots of the chapters of the book once you are selected to work on my question :).

Sample Solution

This page of the essay has 6,856 words. Download the full version above. In his State of the Nation Address 2014, President Jacob Zuma, concedes that despite the achievements of the democratic government, South Africa ‘still faces the triple challenge of poverty, inequality, and unemployment’ (State of the Nation, 2014). This triple challenge of poverty, inequality and unemployment, is the democratic government’s biggest test to date. The arguments advanced in this paper move from the premise that to decisively reduce inequality and lift more people out of poverty; more people need to work. The persistent bleeding of jobs in South Africa remains the single biggest challenge faced by the democratic government. The failure of the economy to match the growing labour force to job opportunities is a structural and fundamental problem. However, to narrow the scope of such a broad approach, the paper focuses on youth unemployment as key weakness in the South Africa labour market. Structurally, the paper seeks to achieve four objectives in four sections. The first seeks to expand on the development challenge of poverty, inequality, and unemployment as noted above. The second objective is to establish a link between the structure of South Africa’s economy and the development challenges noted. Thirdly, South Africa’s economy and labour market specifically throws up a range of complex risk patterns which are identified and discussed. The last section presents probable solutions to the youth unemployment crisis takin

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