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The role of the Security Council

The main questions or arguments are :

  1. How can the right to veto enhance or undermine the role of the Security Council?
  2. What are the main powers and functions of the Security Council?
  3. How are the current challenges affecting the United Nations System?
  4. What are the main deficiencies of the current decision-making system at the Security Council?
  5. What are the main proposals for reforming such system? Who made them? What was their scope?
  6. What is the main proposal to make a comprehensive reform of the whole UN system?
  7. What is the best proposal for a better effect of the veto on the United Nations?
  8. What are the challenges and reform proposals for the Security Council?
  9. Proposals for increasing the permanent members of the Security Council.

Research plan and methodology:
Chapter 1: Identifying the right to veto in the UNSC
a. The legal framework of the right to veto (legal basis in the UN Charter, definition, relevant treaties…)
b. The decision-making process in the Security Council (membership: who are the members? On what basis they were chosen=historical elements, voting and powers)

c. The practical implementation of the right to veto (past and current issues)

Chapter 2: Assessing the reform proposals in terms of the right to veto of the UNSC, Germany and Japan
a. The main scope of the reform proposals (possibility of increasing the seats of the permanent members at the Security Council, changing the permanent members, cancel the right to veto, changing the forms of voting etc.)
b. The German proposal
c. The Japan proposal

Conclusion and recommendations.

Sample Solution

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