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The seven domains of a typical IT infrastructure

The seven domains of a typical IT infrastructure include the User Domain, Workstation Domain, LAN Domain, LAN-to-WAN Domain, WAN Domain, Remote Access Domain, and System/Application Domain. As you’ve learned in this chapter, each domain has business, technical, and security policy challenges that affect organizations.

Answer the following question(s):

What is an advantage of organizing IT security policies by domain?
What is a disadvantage of organizing IT security policies by domain?
Do you think one domain is more challenging than the others as far as applying security policies? Explain your answer.

Sample Solution

matodes in the soil? The following hypotheses were formulated: 1. If more diversity aboveground leads to more abundance belowground, a more diverse grass-clover mixture will lead to a more abundant nematode community. 2. If more time since tilling for the crop leads to a more diverse and abundant soil life, a grass-clover mixture of 2 years old will lead to a more abundant nematode community than the mixture of 1 year old. To test these hypotheses, soil samples were taken from the experimental field at Droevendaal Farm in grass-clover soil consisting of four treatments. The treatments take into account two variables: time since tilling the crop and species composition of the crop. The data on nematode abundances were analysed on differences between treatments, additional data on soil organic matter content (obtained from Dirk van Apeldoorn of former research on the experimental field) could help to understand differences in nematode occurrence which do not originate from diversity in grass-clover. Table 1 Treatments Mix and No-mix with species composition Materials and Methods Site description This study was conducted in The Netherlands on the Droevendaal Organic Experimental Farm of Wageningen University and Research Centre (51°59’28″N, 5°39’42″E). Soil texture is sandy loam. The research is part of the system experiment which is carried out by Dirk van Apeldoorn (started in 2014). Apeldoorn’s research is about the effect of diversity in time, space and genotypes on yield and resilience of the farming system. A schematic overview of the experimental field is given in figure 1. The experimental field consists of 8 strips where seven different crops are grown, of which two strips of grass-clover. The strips are each divided in 12 plots. Treatments The first variable taken into account is species composition. Every plot in a grass-clover strip was sown with a seed-mixture either of treatment No-mix or treatment Mix. Species composition of treatments Mix and No-mix are indicated in table 1. Whether plots got treatment Mix or No-mix is indicated in figure 1. Treatment No-Mix Mix

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