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The Socrative Method by Christopher Phillips.

Explain the Socrative Method by Christopher Phillips. Attached will be the main source if any other source is used (such as Wikipedia, Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy, etc.) you must cite the source properly.

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I concluded Snapchat ultimately allows a woman to create an “ideal” version of herself through the use of featured lenses that promote and conform to western beauty standards, which lends itself to creating a culture with a single idea of what is beautiful and can lend to the development of anxieties in women. To help justify this claim I will first begin by exploring the different types of Snapchat lenses; beauty as a social construct; how our sense of realness has adapted because of digital platforms such as snapchat; and ideas about the creation of identity via social media and the importance of affirmation. Types of Snapchat Lenses For the purpose of this analysis, I have identified and labeled three categories of Snapchat Lenses: Beauty, Funny, and Cute. Beauty lenses are usually made to look natural but still used to glamour the snapchat user. These types of lenses often provide a natural glow to the skin, lighten skin color, enlarge the eyes, add makeup, make the face more angular and smooth over existing flaws. As was concluded from my survey, people often use beauty lenses to send snapchats to someone their interested in. This is most likely due to the signifiers that are associated with beauty lenses to indicate the preferred meaning to the recipient. As can be seen in Appendix A, features of the beauty lens become signifiers to the person receiving the snapchat, for example the addition of makeup and the smoothing over of flaws leads to the signified concept that the snapchat user most likely wants the recipient to think that they are attractive. Moving into the next types of lens, Funny lenses are made to over-exaggerate or distort certain features of face. These types of lenses essentially make someone look unattractive, whether if that is by distorting their face completely by enlarging their mouth and eyes to make them appear like a monster of some sort, or by adding a pair of glasses and a few wrinkles to make a user look like a grandma, as can be seen in Appendix A. Results of my survey indicated that funny lenses were most likely to be used to send to a user’s friend, again. most likely because of the signifiers within the snapchat which indicate to the recipient that the original user is attempting to be funny or incite laughter by attempting to make their face less attractive. Finally, there are also Cute lenses which are not made to look natural, but still glamour the snapchat user. These lenses still smooth out ones flaws, lighten the skin tone, make the face more angular, while also placing computer generated add-ons to the face such as glasses, animal ears, devil ears etc. These types of lenses can be used to send to friends or someone you’re interested in as they almost exist as a mid-way point between beauty lenses and funny lenses. The existing signifiers such as the inclusion of smoothing out flaws, as can be seen in Appendix A, still give the meaning that this lens is made to make the user look more attractive to the recipient, yet the user is okay with the recipient knowing that a lens is being used and these computer-generated add-ons may indeed incite laughter like a funny lens, demonstrating both a beautiful and funn

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