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The stages of compensated and uncompensated intracranial hypertension

Mr. S was in a motor cycle accident and has been in your ICU for several days. The physician placed him on medications to reduce his intracranial pressure, without success. Your are caring for Mr. S and note that his pupils are small and slowly reactive to light, his blood pressure is 178/50 and his heart rate is 74.

Discuss the stages of compensated and uncompensated intracranial hypertension and identify which stage this patient is experiencing?

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The play Othello by William Shakespeare is one of his greatest plays that is revolved around drama. It talks about friends and how not everyone can be trusted. Shakespeare wanted to tell a story of how no matter how close you are to someone you can never truly trust them. The research of characters in the story is important in helping find out the main theme in the play. Iago is one of the most interesting characters in the play. He is an extremely smart yet secretly evil character that is obsessed with jealousy and seems to have a hatred for people who are in a better or higher position than him. You see this through his actions where he makes sure that people’s relationships do not end well. He manages to kill Emilia, his wife, and to convince Othello to kill Desdemona. This shows the real character of Iago and the reasons for destroying peoples lives the way he does. The play Othello by William Shakespeare starts with two men talking to each other. The two men talking are Iago and Roderigo. Its night time in Venice and Iago and Roderigo are discussing Othello’s secret marriage to Desdemona. Othello is a military general so he is very high up in society and he works for the state of Venice. He is not from Venice though because he is a “moor” meaning he is from North Africa. Recently Othello just married a senator’s daughter secretly. Roderigo on the other hand is in love with Desdemona. Iago is telling Roderigo that he actually hates Othello because he did not choose him when he gave a promotion to Cassio (As stated in the website, ThoughtCo). The two men obviously are jealous of Othello and they are starting to plot on how to get him in trouble. At this point of the play they are going to Desdemona’s house and they meet Desdemona’s fa

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