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The State of Michigan doesn’t require Nursing Assistants

Case Analysis: The State of Michigan doesn’t require Nursing Assistants to obtain a license to work in the healthcare field. An organization that advocates for Nursing Assistants wants to change that.

Question 1: For the state to require Nursing Assistants to obtain a license, which branch of the government should the organization contact? Explain why in your answer.

Question 2: Some insurance companies are concerned that if a license is required for Nursing Assistants, they’ll have to start providing coverage for Nursing Assistants that provide home care. If the insurance companies wanted to counteract the organization, which branch of the government should they contact?

Question 3: How are the people of the State of Michigan involved in this process?

Question 4. News articles have been posted to the course site for this chapter.

Read at least two articles.
Reply to at least one article.
Write a couple of sentences summarizing the article.
Write a couple of sentences indicating what the article has to do with the chapter’s content.

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