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In this case Jane should read the company handbook about the termination policy of employees on probation. ‘The third exception to the ‘termination for just cause or no cause’ principle is that an employer may not claim that a termination was lawful under the employment at-will doctrine if the termination violates the implied contract exception (i.e., the termination violates an implied contract right of the employee). For example, an employer’s handbook states that no employee will be terminated during a probationary period of one year’ (What does employment at will mean to the manager, para. 4, Kaplan eGuide. Chp. 3). Eddie does have a right to terminate Jane, but not if he is firing her just because Greg is getting paid a higher commission he should not be getting. To fire Jane would be in violation of societal expectations of fairness (Kaplan eGuide. Chp. 3). Ethical Analysis If Eddie’s decision is applied to the Kant’s imperative theory is ethical if the act is a universal norm. There are a lot of companies that have family members working together receiving different benefits compared to the other employees, like pay. It this is a universal norm paying family members differently, but threatening Jane is an unalloyed motive and this is not ethical (Kaplan eGuide. Chp. 1). If the decisions are applied to the Utilitarianism theory the good does not seem to outweigh the bad in this case. Paying Greg a higher commission is not benefiting anyone but Greg. There is no greater good for the greatest number of people. If the decision maker applied utilitarianism theory, Eddie would have made his decision for the greater good for the greater number. Ethically when it benefits more than one person which is this case it is only to Greg’s is not the greater good for the greater number, (Kaplan eGuide. Chp. 1). If the decisions are applied to the right’s theory individual rights would be to give the others technicians the rights they desire. Eddie is paying Greg a higher commission and telling Jane to not say anything, but no one’s rights are being violated. Jane could tell the others, but at the cost of losing her job in the process. In this theory, it states that individuals could take in consideration and protect th

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