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The United States Census Bureau

Write a 2- to 3-page paper (excluding title page) that responds to the following:

According to the United States Census Bureau, the population in the United States is growing more and more diverse with each decade. While an increase in diversity adds a wonderful richness to society, it also adds challenges to serving the needs of the community effectively. For this assignment, you will analyze and explore the intersectionality of gender, race, ethnicity, and culture, using scholarly sources and the Unit 5 and Unit 6 readings. You will consider how gender, race, ethnicity, and culture among Latino(a)/Latinx Americans and Asian/Pacific Islander Americans impact interactions with public safety officials.

Using scholarly sources and the readings from Units 5 and 6, define the pervasive influence of gender, race, ethnicity, and culture and how it impacts public safety/criminal justice interactions.

How does culture influence how Latino(a)/Latinx Americans interact with public safety/criminal justice officials? Why are some Latino(a)/Latinx Americans fearful of reporting to the police when they have been the victim of a crime?
How does culture influence how Asian/Pacific Islander Americans interact with public safety/criminal justice officials? What verbal and nonverbal communication characteristics should public safety/criminal justice officials consider when interacting with Asians/Pacific Islanders, particularly those with limited English proficiency?
What are some of the unique experiences that Latino(a)/Latinx or Asian/Pacific Islander women encounter that bring them into contact with public safety officials? How has their cultural background influenced these interactions? What steps can be taken to effectively respond to the needs of Latino(a)/Latinx or Asian/Pacific Islander women who are victims of crime?
How do the personal experiences of public safety/criminal justice officials influence their workplace culture, specifically regarding Latino(a)/Latinx and/or Asian/Pacific Islander coworkers?
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Sample Solution

John Searle's popular "Chinese Room" contention that was talked about in Chapter 2 of How the Mind Works, was one of the most fascinating contentions to show cases of man-made reasoning. Essentially the case as that PCs would be able and will basically attempt to dominate the demonstration of reasoning. The contention depended on how Searle sees himself in a room alone and is attempting to follow and jump aboard with a PC that will be that is answering Chinese characters. Be that as it may, Searle realizes he can't get a handle on or see any of it, yet he endeavors to control numbers and different images to deceive those beyond the room. His control of such numbers and images, produces Chinese characters, which permits him to persuade those external the room that there is somebody who can really speak Chinese inside the room. Searle accepts that however the PC seems to comprehend what is happening, in all reality it really doesn't figure out it. It tends to be inferred that reason for this contention was the invalidate the point that a PC can work all alone. That's what searle trusts in the event that a man can't comprehend Chinese in any event, when he was controlling numbers and images, then, at that point, neither can PCs. A PC is no human and can never be like one. Pinker's reaction to the "Chinese room" contention is hesitant. He says that Searle has expressed nothing to do with something that can be logically significant. Also, that Searle is just expressing about "comprehend". As a matter of fact, it is discussed in abroad way, which isn't excessively clear or compact. Pinker says that people are loaded up with meat, while PCs are loaded up with data. People need the right fastens to be pushed before he/she can precisely deal with data. Additionally, PCs need the right data while handling in look for other data. Both need some kind of push to find lasting success and without that push people and PCs both can't work and "comprehend". Pinker feels that we can be similarly as untrustworthy as c

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