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The value of learning theories styles amp strategies

Objective: Identify the value of adult learning theory by developing an HRD scenario for the same topic from a pedagogy perspective and from an andragogy perspective.

As you complete this assignment, think about research by David Kolb and others suggests that individuals have different learning styles. Think about the following:

Employees with a convergent learning style may require different approaches than employees with a divergent learning style.

You are responsible to prepare two training sessions about conflict resolution; each session would run approximately 1 hour. One session will be delivered to an early teen population and the other to a group of bank employees. Your task is to provide an outline of each training. The outline should present the structure of the training session, various activities, methods, etc. that are appropriate for each group. It is helpful to provide brief descriptions of the activities, etc.

Develop the two training outlines and compare the two to highlight where they are similar and different.
(Werner & DeSimone, 2012)

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