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Theories addressing personalities

Using terms such as traits, states, and personality, develop your own definition of the word personality. What does personality mean to you?

Conduct research on the theories of personality and answer the following questions:

Find at least two scholarly journal articles that address one of the following theorists: Adler, Rogers, Jung, or Freud, or Yalom. Summarize the articles for your classmates.
Identify and describe a well-known person (a celeb, politician etc.) who you believe would easily fit some aspect of the theory you have chosen.
Describe the ways in which this person depicts the traits, states, characteristics, or personality types addressed in the theory. Respond to at least two posts by the end of the week.

Sample Solution

Independent learning is a learning approach that permits individuals to learn at their own speed and continue on toward another point assuming comprehension of the past subject has been accomplished, or skip points on the off chance that dominance can be shown through a pre-test. Prior to starting an illustration, the presentation of students and afterward allowed to start where they need to. Students are allowed to move at their own speed through the unit. Having a totally ready atmosphere is likewise important. Materials ought to continuously be picked and utilized with care. Study halls ought to give regions to both individual and gathering work, as well as any open doors to encourage local area. With the expanded accessibility of innovation, having a rundown of sites and online projects to help free learning is likewise useful. Self-guided, individualized learning helps understudies to deal with their time and learn independently, two abilities that will help them well in advanced education and adulthood. As per the review done, it expresses that there is an oddity in training with regards to free review. At the point when "the possibility to take part in free learning coincides with educational methodologies that limit the sum and nature of these learning exercises," an issue arises. Consequently coaches will more often than not give frames, modules, gifts, introductions that will take the learners' capacity to process the interaction all alone. The concentrate additionally expresses that understudies will have the chance to deal with their own time while perusing the materials given to dominate their records. (High country, 2015) As indicated by the concentrate by Tullis and Benjamin (2011), independent advancing essentially further develops memory execution contrasted with a benchmark group that was given a similar aggregate sum of time however it was isolated similarly among exercises. Students who reviewed the most data, then again, utilized more grounded metacognitive strategies to learn in this review. Students oversee their review time. Independent advancing extensively increments memory execution when contrasted with a benchmark group that was given a similar aggregate sum of time however it was dispensed similarly among errands. Students who reviewed the most data, then again, used all the more remarkable meta-mental ways to deal with learn. The ability to self-study isn't adequate all by itself; one must likewise have the option to recognize (Tulis and Benjamin, 2011)

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