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Thinking About Thinking: Metacognition

Description: Explore how thinking about thinking helps students better manage their own learning and learn difficult concepts deeply.

Directions: You will watch: Thinking About Thinking: Metacognition at

Develop a reflection including the following:
Three (3) ways you can transfer what you learned to your future practice. Be specific and detailed on how you can apply metacognition in your future classroom and current studies.
Write two (2) big takeaways from the video you watched about metacognition. How can this help you become a better teacher and learner?
Lastly, write one (1) question you still have after watching the video.

Sample Solution

g critical parts in the explanation of local and worldwide flow. At the same time, conventional forces turned out to be more centred on squeezing household and territorial difficulties due to the money related and monetary emergency that began in 2008. These progressions and reconfiguration constitute another territory of advancement, joint effort and question of an undeniably more extensive extent of arrangements, financial interests, characters and wellsprings of legitimization of the global request. According to Mminele (2-3) the BRICS countries as the emerging powers has turned into an imperative wellspring of worldwide development and political impact. BRICS economies have developed quickly with their offer of worldwide GDP ascending from 11 for each penny in 1990 to just about 30 for every penny in 2014. BRICS represent more than 40 for each penny of the total populace, hold over US$4 trillion for possible later use and record for more than 17 for every penny of worldwide exchange. Budgetary markets in the BRICS nations have likewise extended in a quick way. For case, in the 20 years until 2010, Brazil’s market capitalization expanded from a low 4 for every penny of GDP to 74 for each penny, India from 12 for every penny to 93 for every penny, Russia and China from right around zero to 70 for each penny and 81 for every penny, separately. In South Africa, advertise capitalization has dramatically increased from 123 for every penny to 278 for each penny. As indicated by S&P Worldwide Market Intelligence worldwide bank rankings, banks from these five nations figured among the best 100 banks on the planet, with the main 4 banks headquartered in China. It consequently shocks no one then that these economies turned into the new motors of worldwide request. Having been casualties of the worldwide budgetary emergency, and enduring the effect of substantial and unpredictable capital streams and what Mohamed El Erian has alluded to as “traveller BIS national brokers’ discourses 3 dollars”, the BRICS nations were impelled into a typical goal of changing the worldwide money related and fiscal framework, with a powerful urge to manufacture an all the more just, and adjusted worldwide request that mirrors the elements of the present worldwide economy and serves the interests of all in a reasonable way. To this end, the five nations in the BRICS people group assume an essential part in the G20, in forming worldwide monetary strategy and advancing money related soundness. According to Schoeman on account of South Africa, its status as an emerging power is not as obvious in correlation to its BRICS accomplices, however one could contend that its relative size inside Africa (financially and militarily), and the praise increased through its striking change far from politically-sanctioned racial segregation, lends some believability to its rise to the gathering of ‘famous’ emerging powers. Obviously, however, different angles and contemplations likewise tally – all things considered, Nigeria is currently the greatest economy in Africa; its financial development is significantly more energetic than that of South Africa, its populace measure far dominates that of South

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