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Today, Green Branch Coffee’s employees began the process of forming a union

Today, Green Branch Coffee’s employees began the process of forming a union. The Director of Human Resources wants you to discuss a few important facts about unions so that the coffee shop managers are equipped with detailed information. In a Word document of at least 750 words, answer the following questions:

What is the process that employees will use to unionize?
How can collective bargaining deliver improvements for workers in the organization?
What does a union have to consider regarding a state’s right-to-work laws?

Sample Solution

Performance appraisal is a part of resourcing and talent management strategy of Majid Al Futtaim. The performance management process is conducted on semiannual and annual basis to evaluate the employee performance (Price, 2011) . The management process assesses the loop holes in employees’ work and review the productivity rate. A typical performance management cycle is illustrated in the following figure. MAF plans for reviewing employee performance. The employee is selected to determine the performance management technique and process. The company plans for the employee management by evaluating the recruitment position, the employee delivery of output, behavior, and overall workplace status. Job descriptions are reviewed and updated if required. Employees are evaluated in terms of given tasks and the performance output. Number of attended trainings, nominated rewards, workplace behavior profile, and other important elements are decided to begin with the management plan. The plan phase collates all previous data of employee in order to further decide for the management of performance that would result in managed talent and person resource. SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time bound) objectives are set to update the role profile of employee and bring the results of employee retention for the organization. The act stage works on achievement of objectives that were established in the previous stage. The employee is assessed for the development plan which would bring change in his existing capabilities. The track stage assess and monitor the progress of the employee by obtaining information from various sources. The tracking of progress is made by getting feedback from employees who work with the person (Zaidi, 2009) . The feedback is used as a tool to assess the employee performance as well as behavioral issues at the workplace. The tracking phase also check the risk mitigation policy and obstacles to deal with the policy. The employee will be evaluated in the light of legal and official barriers that can be potentially hindering the employee performance. Coaching is also provided to assess strengths and weaknesses of the employee and adhere to the opportunity of career development under official support. The coach evaluates the employee’s potential and take suitable measures to guide the employee for future performance delivery. Coaching is selected for performance management because it is a convenient and low cost way to provide official support to the employee. The coach tracks the employee performance, identify vulnerable areas of the personality, and then decide about future career planning of the employee. The last stage is review of the plan and its outcomes. Review attachments, identify learnings, discuss career goals, and agree to actions are some key actions included

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