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Too much formalization

Consider the organization where you currently or previously worked or volunteered. What is the name of that organization, and what types of services does it provide? At the organization: describe one example either past or current of one of the following:
• Too much formalization
• Too little formalization
• Too much centralization
• Too little centralization
Was the issue not addressed or was it addressed? If addressed, what was done to resolve the issue? If not addressed, what do you think should be done to resolve the issue?

Sample Solution

Jotter argues that many change projects fail because they think they have succeeded too early. Real change will take a while to be completed and developed. The short-term celebrations are only the beginning of what will have to be done to achieve long-term change. Anchor the changes in the business Finally, to make every change stay, it should be the centre of your organisation. The corporate culture can determine what will be done, so the values behind the vision can be seen in day to day work. You must make continuous efforts so you can ensure that change is seen in every part of your organisation. This will be able to help you keep your change and make it a solid place in your organisations culture. Lewin’s change model Kurt Lewin developed a change model which involves 3 steps (Unfreezing, changing and refreezing.) This model represents a simple and practical model for understanding the change process. For Lewin, the process of change entails creating the perception that a change is needed, then moving to the new level of behaviour and the making sure that behaviour is understood by everyone in the business. Unfreezing Before a change is able to be done, it must go through this step. Because employees may naturally resist the change, the goal during this stage is to create awareness about the current plan for the business is making the organisation worse in some way. Old behaviours, ways of thinking, processes, people and organisational structures must all be carefully examined so that they can show employees that the change is necessary for the organisation in order to beat their competition. Communication is extremely crucial in the unfreezing stage so employees can be informed about the change, why it should happen and how it will benefit them. Changing Now the first step is completed the employees can start to move. Lewin recognized that change is a process where the organisation must transition from their current state to a new state. This changing step is marked by the implementation of the change. This is when the change begins to become a reality. It is also consequently, the time that most employees struggle with this reality. It is often the hardest step for the business to overcome. During the changing step the employees will begin to get used to the change. The more prepared the can be for this step, the eas

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