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Transport Proteins on Strike

Transport Proteins on Strike (PDF). You are to read the case study, and using the case, your textbook, and any other sources necessary, answer the following questions:
What is the meaning behind the PHOSPHOLIPIDS’ chant? (10 pts)
Why is H2O concerned about the aquaporins shutting down? What are aquaporins, and how are they involved in plasma membrane transport? In addition to the use of aquaporins, what is another way H2O can cross the plasma membrane? Is this second way sufficient? Explain your answer. (15 pts)
Both GLUCOSE and AMINO ACID claim to have a special relationship with their respective transport proteins. What is the basis for their claims? (10 pts)
Could O2 and CO2 make the same claim as GLUCOSE and AMINO ACID? Why or why not? (10 pts)
The movement of oxygen and carbon dioxide into and out of the cell is called gas exchange. Which two body organ systems are involved in gas exchange? Which type of plasma membrane transport is used for gas exchange? Is this method best? Explain your answer. (15 pts)
PHIL LIPID and PROFESSOR TOSOL discuss the Great Dehydration. Explain what you think occurred during the Great Dehydration. Why are sports drinks recommended to prevent, or treat, dehydration? (10 pts)
In an interview with CHLOE ESTEROL, O2 says that if GLUCOSE can’t enter The Cell, then cellular respiration would be affected. Explain the connection between glucose, oxygen, and cellular respiration. (10 pts)
What is the sodium-potassium pump? How does it work? Which body organ system depends on sodium-potassium pumps to function? (10 pts)
What are transport proteins and why are they important? What would happen to The Cell if the transport proteins went on strike? (10 pts)

Sample Solution

persecutors’ attention to the humanity of the Jewish by prompting them to see the common humanity shared between the Christians and Jewish, through the repetition of anaphora, epistrophe and rhetorical questions. The rhetorical device of cumulation and repetition is employed through a catalogue of abuses, meditation of common humanity, responses to injustice and in the listing of bodily appearances, needs and vulnerabilities, appealing to the common humanity of men, suggesting that the distinctions of religion are superficial in comparison with the underlying common nature shared by all. Through the use of Aristotle’s 5 act structure, the subversion of the literary world and the use of comedy, Shakespeare allows for his textual form to critique the his society, for its extreme Christian ethnocentrism during his time as a fundamental socio-religious flaw of the human mind in order to not face the consequences. In a society that not only craved religious homogeneity but took drastic measures to attain it, few would have been troubled by the implications of Shylock’s forced conversion, as they believed they were saving the soul of a heathen. Shylock’s obligation to “presently become a Christian” and to forsake Jewish ritual and synagogue to avoid a recanted judgement, portrays his attachment and injustice due to his religion. This is through his loyalty to his beliefs as he shows no means of converting to Christianity during the entirety of the play. Through maintaining positive, caring connotations for Christianity and negative, evil connotations for the Jewish, Shakespeare guides the audience to the belief that “Christians are good, Jews are bad” as during the time the play was written Shakespeare’s only relationship with Jewish people, were with those called “conversios” who had converted to Christianity. This is due to Jews being banned from England in 1290, illustrating the attitude of the society that Shakespeare lived and grew up believing as a society of anti-Semitics. The extent to which my understanding of human experiences within “The Merchant of Venice” are formed is through the w

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