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Type of security threat in detail

Describe each type of security threat in detail (physical, personnel, information). Select one type of security threat and find a business in your region that has been affected by that threat. Make a recommendation for how that business could address that threat.

What factors tend to create liability for an organization? How might these factors be minimized? Select one organization in your local area and discuss some specific liabilities that they might face. Make some specific recommendations for that particular organization.

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using the Gini-coefficient measure, inequality increased from 0.64 in 1995 to 0.69 in 2005, although it did improve to 0.65 in 2010/11 (DPME 2014). The government has responded to the plight of those in the bottom 10 percent of the income distribution pyramid through a social grants system. Although inequality remains high, the democratic government has made some progress towards alleviating poverty. There are numerous studies that propose different methods of measuring poverty. Despite, there is relative acceptance that the absolute number of people living under the poverty line has declined. This is largely attributed to a tax-based redistribution strategy. The graph below extracted from the World Bank’s World Development Indicators confirms this. Figure 3 Source: World Bank. 2007. Development Indicators. While social grants in South Africa have had the impact of alleviating poverty for this part of the population they have had no contribution towards reducing inequality. Inclusion can only be created through active participation in the economy. Ultimately, the labour market lies at the centre of the country’s challenges of poverty and inequality. 3. UNEMPLOYMENT IN SOUTH AFRICA According to Statistics South Africa (Stats SA); South Africa’s unemployment rate as recorded in the fourth quarter for 2013 is 24.1%. Stats SA also notes that unemployment levels have been fluctuating as reflected by their quarterly Labour Force Survey. Despite the fluctuations the data shows a strong upward trend. In the period between 2008 and 2013; the lowest level of unemployment was in the fourth quarter of 2008 observing 3.9 million unemployed people and the highest was observed in the second quarter of 2013 recording 4.7 million unemployed people (Stats SA Quarterly Labour Force Survey). Figure 4 According to economists, unemployment arises when the supply of labour exceeds the demand for labour. This oversupply of labour is described as a failure of the market to clear or to ‘reach equilibrium’ (Nattrass 1996: 17) The South African scenario is no different. From the supply side; the actual number of people entering the labour market and are looking for work has risen sharply. The number of people in with little or no skills is also very high because of the historically low investments in education and persistent challenges to education. On the demand side; South African firms are undergoing a ‘skills-biased technical change’ which increasingly calls for skilled rather than unskilled labour (Nattrass 1996: 22). In South Africa the unabated move towards mechanization in the mining sector is a prime example of this change. We unpack the changes in the economy and the labour market in detail later. As a point of departure on this note it is important to note that to decisive

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