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Types of abnormalities

A 23-year-old woman presents to the OB-GYN office you work at. She was recently surprised to learn that she is pregnant. She estimates that she is about 8 weeks along. The woman tells you that she regularly drinks on the weekends with her friends. She asks you “Is that a problem? As long as I don’t drink very much, I can still have a drink occasionally while I’m pregnant, right?”

How would you answer her questions?
What types of abnormalities can be caused by alcohol, and how does genetics influence this?

Sample Solution

tion, in spite of, now and again, an absence of confirm that it could transform this name into status . It has additionally utilized this situation as one of the way to lift itself into an rising force, underscoring its part as a representative for and agent of Africa, an extension into the landmass and a territorial establishment manufacturer. South Africa appreciates rising force acknowledgment, as portrayed above, generally based on the ‘standardizing authenticity’ that developed from its hostile to politically-sanctioned racial segregation history and its quiet progress to majority rules system under the authority of Nelson Mandela. Early post-politically-sanctioned racial segregation South Africa was everything to everybody. To the individuals who had undauntedly bolstered the freedom battle, the change was one to flexibility and a triumph over expansionism (‘of an extraordinary type’36). To Western states – the huge powers specifically – the progress was one to vote based system and the rule of human rights, values that harmonized consummately with the height of Western qualities into worldwide qualities. The acknowledgment of South Africa as a developing force, incorporated into the gradually developing worldwide power change, discovered its clearest articulation amid the administration of Thabo Mbeki, with Mbeki’s part in the African Renaissance and his ‘effort exercises’ gone for situating South Africa as mainland pioneer in the worldwide field. The nation’s campaigning for enrolment of BRICS sent a clear message of a way of life as a territorial powerhouse with worldwide desires. According to Schoeman the simple criteria and qualities of developing forces likewise represent the imperatives and difficulties that these states understanding and the openings that they have for satisfying this status. Developing forces are relied upon to demonstrate their value in carrying in any event a portion of the obligations that huge powers convey in the universal framework in giving worldwide open merchandise, while exploring a course through the fairly uneven waters of the changing worldwide arrange. In ‘working out’ the part of a rising force, these states confront a number of difficulties and requirements, be these at home or in their outside condition. (Pg18) Rising forces are required to be provincial powers and to go about as local stabilizers. A significant part of the grant managing developing forces contends that one of the principle difficulties to these forces is the way that they don’t appreciate undisputed territorial authority positions, however one ought to be watchful not to liken ‘local power’ with ‘local authority’ if the last conveys the importance of acknowledgment as a pioneer, as opposed to acknowledgment. Geopolitics what’s more, vital co

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