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Types Of Business Law

As you will recall from Week 3, you are playing the role of a junior legal assistant for the legal department of XYZ Corporation. The organization has recently undertaken a number of efforts to increase its presence in the local community and is promoting corporate social responsibility and positive social change initiatives.

Kate Braverman, XYZ CorporationTo support these positive social change initiatives and efforts at ensuring compliance among XYZ Corporation’s employees, Kate Braverman, Chief Counsel of the Legal Department, leads the company-wide Business Law and Compliance Fair to showcase some upcoming policy changes and hold Q&A sessions for all staff members.

Because you have been asked to assist with the Q&A, this week, you will continue your work of gathering information to present to staff members. This week, you will focus on contracts.

Part 2: Contract Research Report
Sue is a graphic designer at XYZ Corporation, and she also runs her own business as a photographer. She says:

“Sorry, this is more personal, but I hope you can give me some advice. I just entered a contract to photograph the full line of a pottery company, a job that will involve nearly 1,000 photographs. The contract promises excellent pay, with a specific dollar amount stated in the contract, but unfortunately, I neglected to include any payment terms. Can you help investigate this for me?”

To prepare for this Assignment:

Review the Learning Resources.
Review the Contract Research Report scenario involving Sue and her photography business, which will serve as the basis for your Assignment this week.

Sample Solution

ability of AI in simple and complicated functions are performed with pinpoint accuracy. The ability to handle a vast amount of data eases into various operations. The need for AI in military is better understood by analyzing the different aspects of AI inclusion in military. Logistics Logistics play an important role in military. Seamlessly transporting a large quantity of material such as ammunition, arms, gear, food supplies and so on to various departments is a compulsion. Having an integrated artificial system could not only reduce the transportation costs but also decrease the human effort. Artificial Intelligence also assists in detecting any irregularities in the workflow of any logistics and also helps in identifying component failures. According to the article, “Artificial Intelligence for Military Logistics – Current Applications”, author Millicent Abadicio states that US Department of Defense is actively developing AI in the areas of logistics including Cloud Services, Supply Chain Management, Medical Air, Preventive Maintenance and Driverless Resupply. (Abadicio, 2019) Warfare Extensive research is performed in trying to embed artificial intelligence in weapons which are used on land, in water and air. This allows for efficient warfare which utilize fewer human inputs and more technical inputs. It decreases the human error from the equation allowing enhanced performance. However, the huge setback to using AI powered weaponry in warfare could lead to unfavorable outcomes. According to article, “Artificial Intelligence is the Future of Warfare (Just not in the way you think)”, author Paul Maxwell describes AI in today’s world is powered to perform mundane tasks only. Multiple tasks related to different aspects of the warfare, including understanding language, especially sarcasm could add to the burden of controlling AI powered machinery. (Maxwell, 2020)

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