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Typographical cues


Review the attached (and linked) memo and write a one-page response to the following (use MLA format):

What does the memo explain to college administrators?

In what areas does the memo excel in its clarity? In what areas could its clarity be improved?

In what ways are visual and typographical cues used well to help readers find information? In what ways could the use of these cues be improved?

Locate the statement that discusses mid-semester operational stance changes. Why is this statement important? Given its importance, is it placed well?

How does this activity help you to understand how clarity, accessibility, and arrangement impact ethical communication?

Lesson 5

Lesson 5 – Audience Design

Attached Files:

After viewing and analyzing audience for the TED Talk, design an advertisement to help promote or bring awareness to this topic (Human Trafficking). Your goal is to inform the target audience and reach a new audience. Your advertisement should include images and any other information that you all deem necessary to draw the interests of your audiences. You may need to complete some research. Remember to use creditable sources. If you are not sure, ask your professor. When done, write a brief memo in which you all analyze the audience and discuss how designed advertisement appeals to needs and expectations of the audience.

TED Talk Link: I was human trafficked for 10 years. We can do more to stop it.

Submission Reminders: Be sure to save your work as a PDF and upload it to Blackboard for a grade. Use any medium you find necessary to create your document. This could include: PowerPoint, AdobeSpark, Photoshop, Google, etc.

Lesson 5 – Journal on Audience Analysis

Review the following link to an NPR that shows the different spins that newspapers place on the same topic. You are expected to click the links of the different stories to see the full article. Here’s the link!

Post at 350-500-word commentary on the differences that you find in the way that different new sites present the same or similar information.

Consider the following questions:

What differences can you see in the way that different newspapers handle the same story?

Consider the photographs, the headline, the information we receive.

Does one feel more informative?

Does one have more sensationalist language?

Does one have information the other doesn’t? If so what?

What do the differences reveal about the intended audiences of the sites?

Sample Solution

finished still killed honest individuals, showing impropriety in their activities. Subsequently, it relies again upon proportionality as Thomson contends (Frowe (2011), Page 141). This prompts question of what fits the bill to be a warrior, and whether it is legitimate to kill each other as soldiers. Soldiers are individuals who are involved straightforwardly or in a roundabout way with the conflict and it is legitimate to kill 'to shield the honest from hurt… rebuff scoundrels (Begby et al (2006b), Page 290).However, as referenced above non military personnel can't be hurt, showing warriors as the main genuine focuses on, one more state of jus in bello, as 'we may not utilize the blade against the people who have not hurt us (Begby et al (2006b), Page 314).' likewise, Frowe proposed soldiers should be recognized as soldiers, to keep away from the presence of close quarters combat which can wind up in a higher passing count, for instance, the Vietnam War. Also, he contended they should be important for the military, remain battle ready and apply to the principles of jus in bello. (Frowe (2011), Page 101-3). This proposes Frowe looks for a fair, simply battle between two members keeping away from non-soldier passings, yet couldn't this prompt higher demise rate for warriors, as the two sides have somewhat equivalent opportunity to win since both utilize comparable strategies? By and by, seemingly Frowe will contend that warrior can legitimately kill one another, showing this is simply, which is likewise upheld by Vittola, who states: 'it is legal to draw the sword and use it against evildoers (Begby et al (2006b), Page 309).' furthermore, Vittola communicates the degree of military strategies utilized, however never arrives at a resolution regardless of whether it's legitimate to continue these activities, as he continually tracked down a center ground, where it tends to be legal to do things like this yet never consistently (Begby et al (2006b), Page 326-31). This is upheld by Frowe, who estimates the authentic strategies as indicated by proportionality and military need. It relies upon the extent of how much harm done to each other, to pass judgment on the activities after a conflict. For instance, one can't just nuke the psychological oppressor bunches all through the center east, since it isn't just relative, it will harm the entire populace, a potentially negative result. All the more significantly, the fighters should have the right aim in the thing they will accomplish, forfeiting the expenses for their activities. For instance: to execute all detainees of war, they should do it for the right expectation and for a noble motivation, relative to the mischief done to them. This is upheld by Vittola: 'not generally legitimate to execute all soldiers… we should consider… size of the injury incurred by the foe.' This is additionally upheld by Frowe approach, which is significantly more upright than Vittola's view yet infers similar plans: 'can't be rebuffed just for battling.' This implies one can't just rebuff another in light of the fact that they have been a warrior. They should be treated as empathetically as could be expected. Nonetheless, the circumstance is raised on the off chance that killing them can prompt harmony and security, inside the interests, everything being equal.

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