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“Unreliable and Unchallenged”

Read the following articles “Unreliable and Unchallenged” and “Has the Most Common Marijuana Test Resulted in Tens of Thousands of Wrongful Convictions?”, then comment below.
Discuss the accuracy and reliability of color tests.
Research advances to detection of drugs using color tests

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protect its population or indeed is perpetrating acts of mass atrocity, this action includes collective use of force if it is approved by the UN Security Council. Having understood what is meant by R2P, within this essay, I will explain why the doctrine came about highlighting key events which may have compelled the UN to take action. In addition whilst assessing the impact of the doctrine on 21st-century African conflict, both positive and negative, I will consider some of the criticisms of the doctrine investigating how they can be applied within the context of recent African conflict. Overall this essay will conclude that a united response from the international community in the wake of the events which led up to the implementation of the R2P doctrine was entirely necessary. It will also argue that, in principle, R2P represents a positive development regarding a coherent international response to humanitarian intervention, however, in practice it is difficult concept to implement due to the differing nature of conflict within states. Finally, I will conclude however that despite its conceptual limitations, in the context of 21st-century African conflict, R2P has had a positive effect on mitigating and alleviating developing mass conflict. The emergence of R2P can be considered through the lens of the unparalleled violence of the 20th-century. Genocidal events within nations such as East Timor, Sri-Lanka, Cambodia and Rwanda are just some of the atrocities which demonstrated that the international community was failing on a fundamental level to recognise and protect citizens from ‘mass conflict’ during the 20th-century. In this vein, there is little debate surrounding the emergence of R2P, it is considered as a UN response to its failure in protecting the human rights of citizens’ from events of 20th-century mass atrocity. More specifically, however, the literature focuses on two main events during the 1990’s which became catalysts for the UN to formulate a more coherent plan for humanitarian intervention. The first of these events was the Rwandan genocide of 1994, in which, estimates suggest that 800,000 people were systematically killed in the space of 100 days by the Hutu majority government against the Tutsi population. Within this conflict, the UN fundamentally failed in protecting the Tutsi population in Rwanda from the ethnic-

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