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Use-Case and Activity Diagrams

Draw a use-case diagram and a set of activity diagrams for the process of buying glasses
from the viewpoint of the patient. The first step is to see an eye doctor who will give you a
prescription. Once you have a prescription, you go to an optical dispensary, where you select
your frames and place the order for your glasses. Once the glasses have been made, you
return to the store for a fitting and pay for the glasses.
Your paper should reflect scholarly writing and current APA standards. Please include citations
to support your ideas.
Assignment 3
Create a CRC card for each of the following classes:
Movie (title, producer, length, director, genre)
Ticket (price, adult, or child, showtime, movie)
Patron (name, adult or child, age)

Sample Solution

is the one level I can connect with the most during my examples, I track down it significant in numerous ways why you as the educator, ought to tell your understudies they going to get the hang of during that particular illustration. This will assist them with having a superior grasping all through the example, as much more draw in them all along. Connecting it to behaviorism during my examples, I let my understudies know what I need from them that illustration, and what I anticipate them, with their singular necessities, to learn or have advanced toward example's end. In the event that I think learning has occurring during my example, I will compensate them with a round of their decision toward the finish of the illustration. To them they comprehend they should do as they are asked by the educator, or the prize to play a game toward the finish of illustration, will be relinquished. As studies show, during Pavlov's (E-Learning and the Science of Instruction, 2019) canine trial that this hypothesis takes care of business, it can take a ton of work. I have constructed an extraordinary relationship with my understudies, and more often than not they will work overall quite well. Despite the fact that Skinners' (E-Learning and the Science of Instruction, 2019) behaviorist hypothesis is based around control, Maslow's 'Pecking order Of Needs' (Very well Mind, 2019) accepts that way of behaving and the manner in which individuals act depends on youth occasions, hence it is generally difficult to control in to the manner in which you think, as they might have had something else entirely, which will decide how they act. Maslow (Very well Mind, 2019) feels, on the off chance that you eliminate the deterrents that prevent the individual from accomplishing, they will have a superior opportunity to accomplish their objectives; Maslow contends that there are five distinct necessities which should be met to accomplish this. The most elevated level of needs is self-actualisation which implies the individual should accept full sensibility for their self, Maslow accepts that individuals can go through to the most significant levels, assuming they are in a schooling which can deliver development. The following is the table of Maslow's 'Order of needs' (Very well Mind, 2019)

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