Using the ECL

Using the ECL

Use the instructions below to complete this assignment.

Part 1: Using the ECL

Search the Excelsior College Library (ECL) for a criminal justice research article from the year 2000 or later on the following topic: Social disorganization, Social control, Self control or Strain theory.
Library’s online databases for finding academic articles:
Part 2: Selecting an Article

Make sure the article you have chosen to use for this assignment is scholarly (also called academic or scientific) and peer-reviewed. (I have attached 2 articles that may help if needed). For this assignment, you need to identify and evaluate two contemporary criminal justice research articles, empirically testing one of the theories subjects: Social disorganization, Social control, Self control or Strain theory. You will read and evaluate the two articles from the same theoretical tradition to compare and contrast their arguments and to synthesize their contributions to the field. Then, write a 5–6 page paper, synthesizing and comparing the arguments of those articles and discussing how they contribute to the selected theoretical tradition.

Part 3:  Writing the final Paper

write a 5–6 page paper that answers the following questions:
What is the purpose of this study?
How does it contribute to existing research?
What exactly is the empirical study testing?
How are the main theoretical constructs measured? (You do not have to describe all of the variables in detail, but discuss how the most important abstract ideas from the theory have been operationalized and measured with concrete data.)
What are the main conclusions of this study?
What are the strengths and limitations?
What knowledge does this article add to the theoretical tradition that is being studied?

Part 4: Formatting your Paper

Properly format your paper. It should be 5–6 pages long, using double spacing, 12-point font and 1-inch margins. All sources must be cited properly in the text and in the references using APA style.


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