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“Variables must vary.”

  1. Explain what it means to say, “variables must vary.”
  2. List and define the four levels of measurement (using examples) discussed in this week’s introduction and resources. In your opinion, which one or more is the most appropriate for statistical analysis. Explain.
  3. Compare and contrast the characteristics of continuous and discrete variables. What is a common challenge of trying to calculate statistics using discrete variables?
  4. Identify the level of measurement for the following examples and explain why you selected the level you did for each, relying on this week’s resources for support:
    e. Career field (e.g., accountant, production manager, etc.)
    f. Temperature in Fahrenheit
    g. A job satisfaction survey measured as “disagree, neutral, agree”
    h. Total sales for a firm
  5. Identify each of the following types of a variable (e.g., continuous versus discrete) and explain why you selected the category you did for each, relying on this week’s resources for support:
    e. The number of workers in each department of a large organization (e.g., workers in production, sales, accounting, etc.)
    f. The dollars of revenue earned during a fiscal year.
    g. The number of software licenses available to employees in a firm
    h. The average annual salary of middle managers of an organization

Sample Solution

is is significant because the majority of this generation is plugged in while tuning out the world. This is a phenomena that has been going on since technology has advanced and deserves to constantly be studied due to the rapid changes. Listening to music is a form of escapism. The outside world may see wearing headphones as antisocial but some wear headphones to keep them concentrated on what they are doing. Scheufele introduces background music to chronic psychotic patients ages 19-28. The effects of background music on a job-training group for chronic psychotic patients found that background music can help trainees focus, reduce anxiety, and complete job assignments faster (Huanga; Yi-Nuo, 2011). This is important because background music has a slow beat or tempo which the majority of students would agree that is optimal for studying or doing homework. Classical music does not always have a slow beat or tempo to cause therapeutic effects on individuals. This leads one to believe that there is more to music than its tempo but also other factors like style, genre, and if the individual likes or dislikes what is being played. Scheufele’s study focused on the impact of an individual’s taste of music on their concentration rather than tempo. He concluded in his study that “when selecting background music for work environments, such as offices, factories, and therapy rooms, it is important to avoid music that workers strongly like or dislike” (Huanga; Yi-Nuo, 2011). This is noteworthy because some students can focus better while listening to various genres of music like R&B, due to the feelings they have towards the songs rather than a slow beat to gauge their concentration. Individuals cannot have a strong like/dislike the music they are listening to because it would be a distraction taking away their concentration. This study can be useful for students to help their academic performance. It can be applied inside and outside the classroom. The study will serve as a reference for students and teachers to help enhance a better learning environment. Research Questions and Hypothesis Music has a plethora of genres. All with their own unique style and cadence. Some more effective at different tasks that other. The task that will be focused on in this research is the effects of music on concentration and academic performance. There are three main questions that the research plan to answer. They are as followed:

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