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Wal-Mart Stores Inc. 2015

  1. In which of Wal-Mart’s principal functions and activities do its main competitive advantages lie?
  2. To what extent is Wal-Mart’s competitive advantage sustainable? What challenges does Wal-Mart face now
    and, in the future?
  3. What measures should it take in order to sustain its recent performance?
    In relation to the specialised area of study, students will, with minimal / no guidance be able to:
    Subject-Specific Knowledge, Understanding & Application
    a) Identify, critically appraise and select approaches and techniques which are appropriate for the analysis of
    the organisation’s internal and external environments, successfully applying a variety of academic frameworks,
    concepts and theories to select strategies for new and differing contexts.
    b) Demonstrate understanding of the dynamic nature of the inter-relationship between the module topics, and
    make informed judgments about strategic choices when faced with uncertain, incomplete or ambiguous
    a) Demonstrate comprehension of innovation, disruptive technologies and strategic leadership in the creation
    of environment and cultures conducive to innovation, recognising and addressing any ethical and coporate
    social responsibility issues and wider stakeholder interests.
    Employability & Changemaker Skills
    b) Produce approriate informed decisions in the context of real world settings and issues, justifying the chosen
    conclusions and recommendations
    c) Communicate core ideas and concepts effectively with an ability to devise, sustain and convey an argument,
    orally and in writing, selecting the approriate academic tools to convey meaning and purpose, supported by
    valid evidence and use of relevant sources.
    d) Perform and function effectively within a group or team situation, and communicate effectively with specialist
    and non-specialist audiences.

Sample Solution

paper first seeks to outline the international and national legal frameworks which provide refugees with the right to treatment, followed by an examination and comparison of current policy and ground level implementation in Germany, which is home to a significant population of migrants from Syria and neighboring countries, versus the United States of America, which hosts significant populations of migrants from Central and Latin America. An analysis of the efficacy and shortfalls of current health policy responses to sizeable populations of forced migrants is incomplete without consideration of the fundamental question of whether nations have an obligation to provide certain guaranteed health provisions and, if so, to whom. International human law has established health as a right. The Constitution of the World Health Organization recognizes the fundamental right of every human being to the enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of health “…without distinction of race, religion, political belief, economic or social condition” in its Preamble (World Health Organization). Moreover, in the widely adopted UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the right to health is proclaimed as the right of everyone to ‘‘a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of himself and of his family, including…medical care and necessary social services’’(United Nations). Despite the utilization of language that provides extensive room for interpretation and variation in definition and practice, the right to health, having been established in international jurisprudence, creates a legal obligation for states to ensure availability to at least some degree of accessible, quality healthcare. On a more regional level, the right to health is affirmed. In section eleven of the European Social Charter, it states that “Everyone has the right to benefit from any measures enabling him to enjoy the highest possible standard of health attainable,” and in the more recent and thorough European Union Charter of Fund

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