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Web programming

The Ministry of Tourism of Oman is intensifying its campaign to attract tourists to visit Oman. The campaign entitled, “THE BEAUTY AND CULTURE OF OMAN”. This is to support the program of the government to diversify the resources of the country and to promote the tourism in Oman all over the world.

You are assigned to develop a website for the Ministry of Tourism promoting the different tourist spots in Oman. Here are the different parts of the webpage that you need to develop such as:

• Welcome Page. This page may include a welcome statement for the country. History of Oman or pertinent information about the Omani Culture that will introduce Oman to the web user. Promotional statement in order to invite tourists to visit the Sultanate of Oman.
• Gallery Page. This page will display selected beautiful places and other cultural activities in Oman with descriptions in order to attract the tourists to visit Oman.
• Registration Page. The tourist needs to register in the page before visiting Oman.
• Contact and Social Media Page. This page will display the contact number of the Ministry of Tourism, email and the Social media link accounts of the Ministry of Tourism.

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he Expansion markets – Is the transformation of global economic activity that advance the means of communication, an example of this is the mobile phone. Due to these technological changes, we have multiple ways to communicate such as text, email, talk or Skype. The mobile phone alone allows quick and simple delivery processes and allows us to perform everyday tasks faster and with less energy and cost. The transformation of politics -. Freedom of capital movement is essential element for the operation of the large European internal market. The liberalisation of payment transactions is a vital complement to the free movement of goods, persons and services. ‘After Brexit: The struggle for socialism in Britain’ (Marsden 2016). Britain is at a turning point in the political life of the UK. The June 23 referendum vote to leave the European Union (EU) has accelerated an economic, political and social crisis, not just here, but throughout Europe and internationally. “In the space of just one day, global markets lost two trillion dollars. Former US Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan said Brexit would prove to be more serious than the financial crashes of 1987 and 2008” (Marsden 2016). The Emergence of new social and political movements – Globalization affects more than markets and organisations, it is changing the lives of people across the globe and affecting their culture and values. Globalisation represents a distinctive further step as large corporations such as Nestle’, Vodaphone and McDonalds operates in different countries and regions. As these businesses grow larger and more powerful, some commentators and pressure groups grow concerned that their commercial interests can destabilise and harm the economies of individual countries, especially smaller countries in the developing world (Torrington et al 2011). At the same time Counter-movements have developed In the new age of globalization, the repercussions of rising radical transnational social and political Islamist forces have lasting effects on world socio-economic and political strategies. globalization involves socio-cultural, technological, economic, environmental, political

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