Web Technology

Mobile Web

Project description
The Report:
Web Technology
A mobile application is likely to need a web site to host it. This should be mobile friendly and use the standard core technology (HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript). You should also use supporting frameworks such as JQuery, JQuery Mobile, JSON or other JavaScript based frameworks to help provide the functionality for your app. Additionally PhoneGap/Cordova or other web to native development tools can be used.
Aims and Design
Outline description of the application with justification for design decisions. Functional description and specification, diagram(s) (UML) or flow chart, story board / user design sketches.
Implementation Description
How the technology was used, explain each of the main functions, link to a snapshot of its operation and a snippet of code. Make sure you reference any code and websites that you have used to help you develop your application.
Implementation, coding and Technical quality
Operation and User experience
How does the application meet user expectations in terms though the interface and functionality? Is this a suitable application for mobile access? Does the app seem complete, is it easy to operate / install. If needed are there user instructions provided with the app? In any case instructions on how to set up / use application and how it works would be helpful this can include written documentation and even a short video or screen capture.
Testing / critical evaluation / conclusion
The test plan will test functionality as laid out in specification, evaluation will highlight good points and explain weaker areas. Credit will be given for including results from a range of browsers, emulators and devices. You should include a short section on how the application might be effected by different connection technologies e.g. wireless, 3G, GPRS and offline operation. You should provide a brief conclusion to summarise the success (or otherwise) and indicate future areas of development for your application.

Referencing Requirements:
Based on the code that I am going to upload, I need help in improve my code and make it responsive and more interactive, to be run on desktop and mobile.

Need to be interactive… and the report requirements


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