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West end blues

After having listened to Louis Armstrong’s “West End Blues” on your own and with the Voice Thread lectures, write a short analysis of the recording. You can use the listening chart that you developed to guide your writing. In your analysis, use musical vocabulary and apply some of the listening skills you have worked on.

  1. For the paper, write one paragraph that describes the ensemble, identifying all of the instruments of the ensemble. Use vocabulary of rhythm and tempo to describe the whole ensemble’s performance. Identify the meter of the music and the song form.
  2. In the next paragraph, explain, in detail, the form of the music. Describe which instrument “takes the lead” and which instruments are accompanying the lead for each chorus. In each new chorus, describe the change in lead instrument and which instruments leave the chorus. For example: “In the first chorus this instrument is the lead… Later in the third chorus, a new instrument takes the lead.”
  3. Last, explain what is interesting or meaningful to you about the recording and the experience of close listening. This paragraph can be subjective and from your perspective, but you may include historical information about Louis Armstrong or jazz to support your discussion.

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erge is a cryptocurrency that focuses on privacy and untraceability. It is an entirely open source project that is community led. For instance, no company or organization behind Verge, its creators used their usernames to preserve their anonymity. While Bitcoin was successful at creating a decentralized currency, they are also focused on transparency. Verge uses highly advanced blockchain technology to keep all of its transactions anonymous and untraceable. Even though all transactions are anonymous, Verge has a public blockchain that allows users to see coin distribution, number os users and other statistics while keeping all transactional data anonymous. Verge also plans to be the first privacy-focused cryptocurrency with smart contracts functionability. EXTRAS: Digibyte DigiByte is one of the oldest open-source blockchains, coming into existence in January 2014, founded by Jared Tate. Jared has a military background and saw blockchains being potentially used for cybersecurity. DigiByte focuses on digital payments and smart applications in the cybersecurity industry. It is already highly decentralized with over one hundred thousand servers, computers, phone, nodes, etc. worldwide. Digibyte utilizes five secure and advanced mining algorithms to prevent mining centralization which is common in Bitcoin and other single-algorithm blockchains. It also has increased scalability and implementations of various technologies that work to counter cyber threats. Zilliqa Zilliqa is a blockchain platform which focuses on solving numerous problems when scaling public blockchains. With Zilliqa’s netowrk, the number of transactions increases at a linear rate to the number of nodes. This is important because as nodes increase, so will its ability to handle high transaction volume. Ziliqa has successfully run a test on their network where they were able to achieve 1,200 transactions with only 2,400 nodes. This is proof of their ability to achieve their goals. Zilliqa was also the first network to successfully integrate “sharding” into a

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