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individuals begin to experience a loss of interest or pleasure in activities they used to find enjoyment in. In regards to feelings, depressed people experience feelings of being overwhelmed, guilty, disappointment, and lack of confidence. Feelings of restlessness and irritability are the most common among the depressed. Thoughts of suicide is unfortunately very common in the minds of people suffering from depression. In addition to suicidal thoughts, there are also thoughts of being a failure, life not being worth living, people being better off living without me, that everything is their fault, and nothing good ever happens to them. Thoughts like these are what impair an individual’s ability and interest to take care of their everyday responsibilities. The final affect depression can have on someone is through enduring physical symptoms. It is very common for depressed individuals to either have insomnia, constantly be awakening early in the morning, or oversleeping. Examples of more physical symptoms from depression are being constantly tired, loss or change of appetite, significant weight loss or gain, sick and run down, and headaches or muscle pains. With all of that being said, not every person who is depressed will experience all of these symptoms. Some only endure a few symptoms, while others can experience nearly all symptoms. With that being said, depression symptoms can vary depending on the severity of this mental illness. Depression cannot be diagnosed through a lab text or X-ray, instead it is diagnosed by doctors asking questions about your feelings and behavior. Doctors must hear about specific symptoms of depression in order to effectively diagnose a patient with depression. The process of depression diagnosis can be quite simple. The doctor beings by doing a physical examination, personal interview, and then lab tests in order to rule out other conditions that may cause depression. A physical examination is done because it will reveal the patient’s state of health and, by talking to the patient, the doctor can learn about new events that are relevant to making a depression diagnosis. Lab tests are also taken because clinical depression normally occurs alongside other medical illnesses. The doctor will also complete a diagnostic evaluation which is where you discuss any family history of depression or mental illnesses. Next, the doctor will assess your symptoms by asking how long you have had them for and when you think they began. In order to be diagnosed with major depression, the patient must have at least five of the symptoms associated with depression while having at least one of the first two symptoms being present nearly every day for at least two weeks. One of the first two symptoms must be either depressed mood or loss of interest and enjoyment. Symptoms of depression can last for weeks and upwards to years. A person that has one or more major depressive episodes is diagnosed as having Major Depressive Disorder, or MDD. What happens in a Major Depressive episode is that symptoms are present throughout most of the day and nearly every day at least two weeks. In very severe cases, individuals that suffer from this mental illness may be unable to eat, get out of bed, or maintain their hygiene. Also, some symptoms can be extremely disabling and interfere with a person’s ability to function. All mental illnesses and mood disorders are treatable, with each condi

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