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Consider Luke 6:35 (opens in new window) where Jesus urges us to love our enemies, do the right thing, and to lend them whatever they need without expectations of being repaid. This describes an example where we either shift our attitudes in order to intentionally change our own behavior or perhaps change our behavior before our attitudes could catch up with them.

Briefly describe a time when you might have had to do the same and likely felt cognitive dissonance in doing so.
Can attitudes be separated from behavior? Why or why not?

Sample Solution

items of Graen & Uhl-Bien’s (1995) instrument. The items were aimed at dimensions of leader’s relationship with members (Graen & Uhl-Bien, 1995). Data on psychological safety were collected using items from Edmonson’s (1999) instrument; items targeted behaviours related to team climate (Edmonson A., 1999). Respondents’ background consisted in items on gender, age, education, leadership position, number of team members (if applicable), specialisation (if applicable), years of working experience, and years of experience within organisation. The questionnaire was distributed online. After completing the questionnaire, team leaders provided a list with their team members; the latter were randomly selected and further contacted by the researchers. The questionnaire was designed and applied in Dutch; for the current study the questionnaire was back translated. Independent & dependent variables The study aims to test the relationship between transformational – respectively transactional – leadership, LMX, and psychological safety, proposing that LMX mediates the relationship between leadership style and psychological safety. Therefore transformational, respectively transactional, leadership are the independent variables of the study; LMX is the mediator; and psychological safety is the dependent variable. Respondents’ demographics will be used as control variables. Plan for data analysis Data will be analysed using SPSS analysis software. Descriptive analysis will be performed for exploring the characteristics of the study population. Even though psychological safety is a notion that lies mostly in the individual perception, it is best observed at team level (Edmonson, 2004). The study dataset contains data collected from team leaders and team members. Given the data clustering (as shown by table), multilevel regression analyses will be performed. Level Operational (N) Regression Respondent

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