Why is the first point of contact for a customer so important to a company?

Project description
1.Why is the first point of contact for a customer so important to a company?

2.Define and provide an example of the following three terms: incident, problem, service request.

3.Define the term Subject Matter Expert (SME). At what level of support or service might we find SMEs?

4.Identify and briefly describe the four components that make up a successful service desk.

5.List three benefits that companies derive when they deliver excellent customer support and/or become a world class company?

6.What do we mean by 24/7 Support? Give one reason why modern customers are starting to demand and expect 24/7 support.

7.Explain what we mean by this phrase: A customer is not always right, but he should always feel
valued. What turns a satisfied customer into a loyal customer?

8.Define external service desks. Define internal service desks.

9.Some people believe that highly interactive or personalized service is much better than self-service. For example, many people prefer to talk to a live person or have an online chat with a live person than going on a website to troubleshoot a problem or to get information. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Explain your response.

10.Choose a topic from this list and then do a search on the Internet for an article or site that relates to your topic. You also may use a current news article about a particular company or event if the article relates to the topic. In one paragraph, summarize the article.
For this part of the assignment, you do not have to cite with APA citation, but you do need to provide a hot link to the site you selected. The summary should be in your own words; be very careful not to plagiarize by copying and pasting from the site. Please be specific as to contents of the article and how the site is helpful. What did you learn? How will you use the information? Why is this site valuable? Support your statements.

Select one topic from this list:
Microsoft Operations Framework (MOF)
Information Technology Infrastructure (ITIL)
Service Level Agreement (SLA)
Global Support


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