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Women and Gender in Like Water for Chocolate by Laura Esquivel

Imagine that you are a licensed psychologist who specializes in serving Mexican families. Your degree is in Marriage, Family, and Child Therapy. Members of Tita’s family, as depicted in Laura Esquivel’s Like Water for Chocolate, have come to your for help. Select two or three characters in the novel and analyze the role that historical and/or current events have impacted the (dys)functionality of the relationships in their family. For this authentic assignment submission, you will introduce specific members of Tita’s family, analyze their relationships, and help them become more self-aware, culturally-fluent and empowered. Your submission will be evaluated according to the guidelines of the MSMU Women and Gender Rubric (BELOW)
Your assignment needs to demonstrate proficiency according to the following criteria from the Women and Gender Rubric:

Identify the terminology and/or concepts central to the study of women, gender, and/or sexuality.
Describe the roles of women, gender, and/or sexuality in society.
Analyze women, gender, and/or sexuality in society, especially as they relate to the development of women’s power.
Apply appropriate theory and/or research pertaining to feminism ( and intersectionality ( to the roles of women, gender, and/or sexuality.

Your paper needs to critically analyze and evaluate how the roles of women and gender in Tita’s multi-generational Mexican clan impact the formation and/and destruction of relationships among family members. Ultimately, you should analyze how the novel depicts the roles of women and gender in Mexico at the turn of the century. How does the culture depicted in the novel enable and/or inhibit the development of women’s power? (include quotes/examples from Laura Esquivel’s Like Water for Chocolate)

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