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Workplace Diversity

Question 1: After reading the chapter and viewing the video on Workplace Diversity develop a persuasive argument on why your workplace should embrace diversity. Question 2: What are some of the problems that can be caused by having a diverse work force? Describe at least one thing you could do alleviate some of the problems you might encounter in a diverse work environment.

Sample Solution

It is evident in Catherine’s case that the failure of making the parcel rendered safe was indeed a necessary condition of the occurrence of her injuries. Catherine’s injuries were sustained by her own doings, voluntarily handling the snake. Furthermore, Catherine is entitled to take legal action against Australia Post as they evidently breached their duty of care. Catherine can also take legal action against the hospital as she is entitled to compensation for a medical error as she was provided treatment which was ineffective towards the snakes venom. Nonetheless, this addresses the “but for”, due to the fact that if the doctor “had given the correct treatment she would have fully recovered”. Therefore, it is evident that Meghan and Catherine are entitled to sue Australia Post in the tort of negligence as they breached their duty of care in not taking correct precautions in this circumstance. Catherine is also eligible to take legal action against the hospital that administered her treatment as it was evidently a medical error. The plaintiffs have a high chance in succeeding their case as their injuries are severe and were evidently caused by the breach of duty. B: In this situation, a duty of care is owed to Edvard and Frida, the parents of Pablo as they were victims of misleading and deceptive conduct by multiple parties. Under section 18 of the Australian Consumer Law (ACL) year and under section 12DA of the Australia Securities and Investments Commission Act (ASIC) 2001, it states that a person must not engage in conduct [in relation to financial services] that is misleading or deceptive or is likely to mislead or deceive. It is clearly evident that Merlin and BNQ should be held liable as Merlin made fraudulent actions, as an employee for BNQ they are held liable for allowing him to take action. This is due to the fact that he was not authorised to be promoting investments in real estate, nonetheless, Edvard and Frida are able to take legal action. Even though Pablo’s parents English is competent and are unable to understand complex matters to of taken any reasonable care when necessary, it does not asolve Merlin and the BNQ from responsibility. This is due to the fact that a duty of care is owed to Edvard and Frida by Merlin and BNQ as they came to the financial institution with the intention of receiving assistance with investment. (Commercial Bank of Australia Ltd v Amadio [1983] HCA14) Edvard and Frida are also able to take legal action against BNQ as they were deliberately inactive towards them which is a breach of their duty as BNQ clients. It is stated under section 2(2) of the ACL that engaging in conduct is a reference to doing or refusing to do any act. This is evidently a breach of duty as Edvard and Frida were trying to get into contact with Merlin but he was deliberately inactive. Furthermore, the family contacted BNQ but was told

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