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Workplace Safety

Mike was an employee of SC Corporation as a sales manager of Sales Team A. Sean is also an employee of SC Corporation as a manager of Sales Team B. Both have the same education degrees and experience and were hired within 30 days of each other with SC Corporation. Mike and Sean have both been employed with SC Corporation for 10 years. Last week Mike was promoted to regional sales manager and is now the supervisor of Sean. Sean also applied for the promotion of regional sales manager but was passed over for Mike. There have been rumors that Sean is upset that Mike was promoted over him and believes it is simply because Mike is single and does not have a family, which means he never needs to take time off for family situations.

Mike pulls into the company parking lot at 8:00 AM and exits his car to proceed to enter the SC Corporation building. Sean pulls into the parking lot at the same time and exits his car and approaches Mike. Both employees are scheduled to report to work at 8:30 AM. Sean proceeds to tell Mike why he believes Mike was promoted over him. Mike and Sean then get into a physical altercation in the parking lot of SC Corporation. Sean fractures his arm and tears his rotator cuff during the fight. Sean immediately calls for an ambulance and leaves to go to seek medical treatment at the nearest hospital. Sean never makes it into the SC Corporation building that day. Mike enters the building and proceeds to start work as usual. Sean eventually reports in the injury to the employer via the HR department; however, the HR department does not record it as it does not believe it is an Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recordable event.

In your paper,

Analyze the main purpose of OSHA regarding employees.
Explain why this scenario would be recordable under OSHA.
Explain why this scenario would not be recordable under OSHA.
Identify at least three employer’s rights and responsibilities under OSHA in regard to the scenario.

Sample Solution

. Arrangement, with regards to composing, requires the creator to ace the expertise of remaining on theme for the sum of the paper (Jones, 2016). Staying on subject and just including significant data to the paper can be troublesome however will make a durable and efficient paper. The association and arrangement of the paper ought to be evident in the theme, issue, reason and the outlines the essayist incorporates into the insightful composition; keeping coherence of subject all through those areas of the paper will demonstrate legitimate arrangement. One approach to guarantee coherence is to make a proposal and fitting examination inquiries to sealing said theory. The creator will keep on alluding back to the proposition and questions when investigating the sources, writing, and information being incorporated into the paper. Accomplishing arrangement will help convince perusers and increment the likeliness of perusing perception by exhibiting sharp spotlight on tending to the postulation and addressing the examination questions explicitly. Article One Shahwan created an investigation finished in 2016 with respect to and fittingly titled, "Connection between 'Power-Distance' and Employee Performance in Multi-National Organizations" which planned for giving bosses some understanding into precisely surveying representative execution in a multi-social business. Point This present investigation's point was to set up the impacts of "intensity separation" and the effect it has on representative execution. Power separation is term authored by Geer Hofstede when he set up a structure from which to dissect societies (Shahwan, 2016). This paper offers a subjective investigation of determined issues that damage or fix working environment connections. Reason The need of this investigation originates from the need to comprehend the social contrasts that should be comprehended when assessing worker execution (Shahwan, 2016). This understanding must originate from something other than the HR division, or the immediate supervisor. Consequently, assessing and understanding social contrasts and how representative's exhibition is influenced by these distinctions is important to incorporate into work execution assessments (Shahwan, 2016). The creators demonstrate the holes in research encompassing the social varieties and their impacts on worker execution. This absence of comprehension from representatives to associations' CEO can contrarily effect work execution anyplace on the range between brought work execution down to outrageous worker disappointment (Shahwan, 2016). Research Questions

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