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World History

Hammurabi and Code of Law Aristotle
Old/Middle/New Kingdoms Cyrus the Great and Persian Empire
Nubia Jewish God
Peloponnesian War Sparta
Cleisthenes Babylonian Captivity

Please circle the correct answer:
1) A key feature of the Neolithic Era was
A) the use of iron tools.
B) the beginning of sedentary communities.
C) nomadic hunter-gatherer societies.
D) the emergence of writing.
2) The Nile River
A) flooded violently and unpredictably making productive agriculture difficult.
B) was easy to navigate with few obstacles.
C) often ran dry near the Delta especially during times of drought.
D) allowed ancient Egypt to develop as a self contained society.
3) The Code of Hammurabi
A) created social equality.
B) carried out punishment in accordance with social rank.
C) reflected the nomadic rural lifestyle of ancient Mesopotamia.
D) dealt mostly with trade and commerce.
4) What was the key reason certain sexual practices were taboo?
A) They overwhelmingly offended ancient religious traditions.
B) They were regarded as counterproductive.
C) They threatened the institution of marriage.
D) The created sexual conflict within a settled group.
5) The Minoan civilization flourished on what island?
A) Cyprus
B) Rhodes
C) Salamis
D) Crete
6) During the Old Kingdom
A) the military was virtually non-existent as Egyptians had little to fear from invasion.
B) power was concentrated in the hands of the powerful priest class.
C) Egypt pursued an expansionist imperial policy to acquire additional territory.
D) the pharaoh declared that eternal life was open to all Egyptians.
7) Contributions of the Sumerians include all of the following except:
A) The first significant form of writing called cuneiform.
B) Arranging society into legal classes.
C) Using 0 and base 10 for mathematics.
D) The wheel.

8) The greatest difference between the Genesis version and other Great Flood accounts is
A) that in the Genesis account the flood lasts much longer.
B) while other gods destroyed humans on a whim, the Hebrew god destroyed humans because they were corrupt and evil.
C) after the flood only in Genesis is God sorry for destroying the world.
D) only in Genesis did the chosen human save animals.
9) What is true of Sparta?
A) Sparta’s militaristic society most likely developed because of its intense rivalry with Athens.

B) Other Greek poleis feared Sparta because Sparta had a reputation of harassing smaller poleis.
C) Sparta’s use of extensive slave labor freed the Spartan citizenry to concentrate on its military.
D) Sparta’s military prowess was largely based on the tens of  thousands of soldiers in its army.   

10) The Zealots led a rebellion against what empire?
A) Roman
B) Persian
C) Alexandrian
D) Egyptian
11) The biblical account of Sodom and Gomorrah revealed the Hebrews believed their god to be
A) loving.
B) just.
C) merciful.
D) forgiving.
12) Cleisthenes Council of 500 was also known as the
A) boule.
B) ekklesia.
C) polis.
D) deme.
13) David became powerful because
A) he convinced the Israelites he had God’s blessing to rule Israel.
B) he manipulated and bribed the Judges of the tribes.
C) he eliminated his political opponents via deportation.
D) he vanquished the Philistines by uniting the tribes.
14) What kingdom became the first official Christian state?
A) Axum
B) Nubia
C) Persia
D) Rome
15) What was the primary source of wealth for Mali and Ghana?
A) Salt
B) Slaves
C) Gold
D) Ivory

16) What civilization was known for introducing iron smelting?
A) Hittites.
B) Akkadians.
C) Sumerians.
D) Phoeneicians.
17) A key factor in the Jewish vision of God was
A) the belief that their god was supreme over all other gods.
B) a god who controlled all human action.
C) a belief that God existed before any realm.
D) a belief that God was only accessible through priests.
18) What form of government did Plato believe was the best form of government?
A) The rule of a man educated in statecraft.
B) Democracy because it had the will of the majority.
C) The military because of its code of honor and courage.
D) The aristocracy because they promoted trade and economic well being.
19) Which battle during the Greek and Persian Wars was the final battle?
A) Marathon
B) Thermopylae
C) Salamis
D) Plataea

Sample Solution

t Chrysler today isn’t in bad shape the company is bringing in 3.7 billion dollar net income, and in the beginning of 2006 around the time when Fiat and Chrysler just merged they had 1.2 billion net income, so the company has definitely grown over time. During 2009-2013 then company has been having some ups and downs but they managed to pull through. b. Doubting of CEO Sergio Throughout the companies history a lot of Fiat Chrysler ownership and investors had doubted his Control and guidance of the company into the right path but Sergio blocked them all out and got the job done. “But he did the exact opposite of what everyone thought he actually turned everything around for success, he made the collaborations of Fiat Chrysler work, also doubled the company’s net income with the Revenue. So he just left all the investors and owners in shock from the way he handled the company.” 3. Ownership of Fiat Chrysler a. Whos Involved With FCA Exor N.V. is an Italian leading holding company, incorporated in the Netherlands and controlled by the Italian Agnelli family. It has a capitalization of nearly $24 billion USD, with a history of investments running over a centurey. Exor is owned by the Agenlli family they have been behind the starting of Fiat before the merging of Fiat and Chrysler, Exor only owns 29% of the company. b. Agnellis Holdings The Agnelli family has a very big role in the stock market today just because they not only have a lot of money involved in Fiat Chrysler but various other major corporations, the Agnellis are the Rockefellers of the car industry. Agnelli has a 22% holding of the Ferrari, a 63% in Juventus F.C, Economist Group 43%, and CNH Industrial 26% holdings. So on his own Agnelli almost corners the automobile market, which makes him a important and quite powerful person in the car market.

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