Talent Management – Global Challenge

Talent Management – Global Challenge

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Before the recession many organisations were locked in the ‘war for talent’, the competition to find best employees to provide them with a competitive advantage. Despite the recession and against many expectations the ‘war’ has not diminished, the reliance on key employees within a reduced workforce has in many ways highlighted the continuing importance of identifying, recruiting, motivating and retaining the best employees.

Write a 1,500 word report giving your own personal insight into the following areas:-

1-• Referencing at least five sources analyse the topic of Talent Management and create your own definition of Talent Management. As part of your answer identify the factors that you have taken into consideration when creating your definition e.g. commercial, cultural etc.

2-• Recommend four measures that can be taken by organisations to assess the success of their global talent programme.

3- Sources you may wish to refer to the following links before commencing your work
Ernst and Young – Building a new talent management model to boost growth
Cranfield University

Towers Watson


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