Many questions and comments have been made and said regarding plagiarism. What is plagiarism you may ask? sought to explain and answer the widely sought answers about plagiarism. Plagiarism is a problem that has been growing in today’s world due to the large number of sources that are available in books, television, magazines, movies, and the largest community of individuals that is the internet. Individuals are writing books, publications and building websites from other people’s ideas and thoughts. The following are the answers to the common questions that are asked by individuals they include:


• When you quote information from another source is that plagiarism?


Let us recap the meaning of plagiarism. This is the use of ideas and thoughts that belong to another person. If you take information from another source, you should cite the original author of the information to avoid the material being plagiarized. Plagiarism will occur if you do not cite the author of the information in your text thus you should avoid using information that you do not know the original author. Quoting is acceptable as long as you include the quotation, marks and paraphrasing is acceptable if only you do not take any single sentence in a paragraph.

• Can plagiarism be compared to copyright infringement?


Plagiarism is taking someone else content and using it as if it was your own while copyright infringement is attempting to use other people’s work to benefit or profit from the information that they know. The two cannot be compared, but they are both wrong ways of obtaining information.

• When I purchase an article from someone else, can that be regarded as plagiarism?


No. if the person has given you the right to the information then it is not plagiarism but if they do not and you still go ahead to use then it is regarded as plagiarism. It good to be sure that you can use the information given and to what extent. You should check the final document for plagiarism by looking through the sources that were used to prepare the information given.

• Many people ask if am caught as a plagiarizer what is the punishment?


The consequences of plagiarism are dire and can lead to great pain and regret. If you are, caught plagiarizing at the university level you will automatically fail your paper and be expelled from the university. If your paper is found to be plagiarized in extreme cases, it will be revoked and a lawsuit filed as punishment. Try to avoid plagiarism so as not to be a victim of the punishment.

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