Case Study

A case study, sometimes known as a case report is a descriptive analysis of a person, group or event. An explanatory case study is used to look into various factors resulting in a situation being studied in order to realize the underlying principles. This form of academic writing may be broken down into two:

  • 1. Prospective

This is the kind of case study whereby criteria are established and the various cases fitting the set criteria are included as they become available.

  • 2. Retrospective

This is a form of case study whereby criteria are first established to aid in the selection of cases from historical records which will thereafter be included in the study.

The format of writing a case study is not similar to that of general essays. The paper should be formatted in the following headings start from the first to the last;

  • 1. Table of Content

  • 2. Executive Summary

  • 3. Introduction

  • 4. Methodology

  • 5. Findings

  • 6. Conclusion

The table of content is an important part of a case study since the Term paper writing service . Therefore, to make it easier for the lecturer to go through, a table of content must be present. If there are areas which the lecturer requires, all it takes is a glance at the table of content. The executive summary is a must have in any case study since it features the summary of important aspects of the paper. It should only cover one page since it is mainly a summary. It should contain the objectives of the case study, the risks which one may encounter, the possible steps for stopping the risks and the thesis statement. A thesis statement should appear at the last sentence and it should be solid. This statement is meant to let the reader know the stand of the researcher.

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