Philips case study

Philips case study

Here is the link to Online case:

The memo must be uploaded to before the beginning of class

Points will be deducted for spelling and grammatical errors, as well as poorly edited writing. Please use Times Roman, 12 point font. Memos should be doubled spaced and should be no more than four pages. Remember that simply using terms from the course is not enough, students are expected to analyze the case by thinking critically and deeply about the information presented. Finally, similarity index of higher than 5% is unacceptable. Do not include the questions since these will increase the similarity index. Make sure to give yourself enough time to revise your work, since will take 24 hours to revise the similarity index.

Questions for Phillips’ Compact Disc Case:

1. Was it a mistake for Phillips to engage Sony in a joint venture to establish an industry standard in compact discs? What are the trade-offs to standardization?

2. How does the relative attractiveness of waiting to build a plant and of pre-empting vary across the scenarios? Should Phillips establish a US plant immediately or wait one year before deciding?

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