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Topic: Government And Business

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Pick one of these questions;
1-) To what extent do you agree that the public service ethos exist but is changing?
2-) To what extent do you agree that management in the public sector is no different to management in the private sector?
3-)What explains the increasing regulation of the public services and is it a ‘good thing’?
4-)To what extent do you agree that public sector trade unions are outdated and no longer have a role?
5-) Can the notion of the ‘Big Society’ be meaningfully pursued in the age of austerity?
Answering a question from about a lecture, in a 11 week Government and Business course which makes the 90 % of the end grade for course. University year 3.

I will upload the lecture itself, its slides, and reading list in the documents. As soon as a question is picked.

Assignment task is below.
The objectives for this essay are as follows:
– To encourage you to process and use various types of source data material to develop an argument.
– To prompt you to develop clear and coherent arguments.
– To allow to you explore an issue in-depth.
– To help you develop your critical faculties through evaluating the material and data you use in your essay.
– To help ensure that you develop well-grounded and supported arguments
– To encourage analytical and conceptual precision.
The assessment criteria used will be the following:
– Focus on the question: Answering the question posed.
– Structure and coherence of the essay: Clearly and rationally presenting the issues to develop a strong and plausible argument.
– Coverage of the relevant literature: Drawing upon the relevant literature in addressing the issues.
– Clarity of the arguments: Displaying an appreciation of the concepts and issues involved
– Analytical and critical insight: Challenging and appraising the quality of the literature and available
– Well grounded: Supporting and giving substance to your arguments, and avoiding speculation, prescription and unsubstantiated views.

There are more questions available, contact if needed.
If you cant pick for some reason;
Do this one (question 2)

To what extent do you agree that management in the public sector is no different to management in the private sector?

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Additional Readings
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